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Vincent James Billion Dollar Ad And Sales Letter Collection

You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What you get: The complete collection on 1 CDROM.


Who Else Wants To Get Their Hands On Vinceís Closely-Guarded BILLION-DOLLAR Collection Of 73 Winning Advertisements and Sales Letters.....


Websites... Direct Mail... Print Ads...

Over 700 Pages of the Hottest Sales Copy Ever Penned!

Question- Have you ever wondered what a letter that pulled-in $1,000,000 in under a day looks like?

Question- Have you ever wanted to read a letter that profited $48,000,000 in 12 months?

Question- How about studying a letter that brings in $234.38 for every 50 cent letter mailed?

And now for the very first time ever... lucky readers of my book get to raid my Treasure Chest of Billion-Dollar ads and sales letters to study them... to appreciate them... and to STEAL FROM THEM... to create your very own million-dollar masterpieces thatíll make you RICH!

Dear Friend...

Hopefully, you will read my book at least once and make lots of money with the information it contains. If you are like most of my students, you may be a little disappointed that there are no sales letters featured in the book.

Iím sorry for that... but at the low price the book sold for- it was already a phenomenal deal. If I were to include a separate ad book...

I would have had to charge over $1000 for the course- and I didnít want to do that. But anyway...

Thereís thousands of ads and sales letters you can collect and add to your ďswipe fileĒ but Iíve found that there are just 73 ads and sales letters that you must have. Everything else is garbage.

Since 1994, Iíve either collected or created these 73 ads and sales letters. My ďswipe fileĒ is HUGE... this collection is well over 700 pages thick!

If you are serious about making BIG money in direct response marketing... you understand how important the proper ďswipe fileĒ is to your success.

For example... take Joe Karboís famous ad for ďThe Lazy Manís Way To RichesĒ. The closing of that letter goes something like this:

ďLook- 30 days from now you can be nothing more than a month older- or you can be on your way to getting rich. You decide.Ē

Do you know how many times Iíve used this closing? About a dozen times.

Do you know how much money those 12 ads made me? Well over $100 Million!

The secret to making millions of dollars in this business is NOT reinventing the wheel. Millions are made when smart marketers borrow or even STEAL from other letters and ads that have already brought-in millions in sales. Thereís nothing more powerful than a winning combination of words that have ALREADY proven themselves successful.

Just take a peek at some of the ads and sales letters youíll find in my Billion-Dollar collection:

1. The 4-page sales letter for a ďmale enhancementĒ pill that made me over $77 Million in sales in just 22 short months...

2. The ďladyĒ ad that brought me $5 Million in sales every single year. It cost just $3000 to run the ad every month...

3. The web sales copy that sucked-in $1 Million in sales- in less than 24 hours!

4. A simple 4-page ďdollar billĒ letter that makes $234.38 for every 50 cent letter mailed! AMAZING!

5. Web copy that made $320,000 in less than a week selling a Real Estate investing course!

6. The letter that sells $100 Million worth of coffee every year... or what about...

7. A sales letter that made over ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Some experts say this letter was the most profitable sales letter ever!

Or how about this one...

8. The advertisement that made me the largest distributor of car stereo in the mid 1990ís... itís in the collection!

9. How about the ad that got my buddy Gary Halbert befriended by women way too good looking for him? Iíve got that one too!


My Billion-Dollar collection has ads and sales letters for...

Golf Products...

Real Estate Products...

Business Opportunity Products...

Dietary Supplement Products...

Self-Help Products...

Basically- if itís a HOT market... I have at least a few ads and sales letters jammed into my Billion-Dollar collection!

This is the same collection I refer to before I write even one word of copy for my $15,000 per ad clients. Now you have access to it all- FOR FREE- Hereís how:

My entire collection is going to be offered only to the people who have read my book. This is NOT A LIE  either. Thereís a limited # of copies of the billion dollar collection.

If you want me to send you the entire Billion-Dollar collection, youíre going to have to send me $499 Now... if youíre a serious PLAYER- which I think you are- youíll know this is one of the best deals youíll ever come across. Over 70 ads and sales letters that have made over ONE BILLION

DOLLARS in sales for their owners... over 700 pages... just $499 Thatís a great deal.

But on the other hand... if youíre a direct marketing POSER... youíll probably think the $499 is a lot of money for some copies of sales letters and ads.

What Iím trying to figure out is...


If youíre a Poser... please stop wasting your time and throw this letter away at once... or give it to someone who can actually use it to better their lifestyle. I absolutely hate posers.

If youíre a PLAYER... Iím gonna give you $3000 in FREE gifts to offset that $499 investment. Here they are:

FREE BONUS #1: Youíll receive my Million-Dollar sales letter and advertisement TEMPLATE. This is a ďplug and playĒ template where you just insert your product into my proven sales copy and BOOM! Youíve got a $15,000 Vincent James-style ad or sales letter. Do you think I really start from scratch when I have to create a $15,000 ad or sales letter for one of my clients? Heck no. Iíve got this awesome little template that allows me to bang-out winners every time... like clockwork... with very little effort. This awesome template is now YOURS FREE!

FREE BONUS #2: After you study the 73 winnings ads and sales letters and you then use my template to create your very own million-dollar winner... you can send it over to me for a Professional Critique. Actually- Iím gonna enclose TWO Critique Certificates in your package... and at $500 a pop... thatís a $1000 value.

So you get the collection of ads... the template... and then Iíll look over your creation personally. Now look at this last bonus...

FREE BONUS #3: Iíve got a ďspecialĒ relationship with a direct mail printer where they print my sales letters for usually 50% off what other printers may charge. Iíve asked my connection at this special printer to pass along my special discount to of my closest friends. They agreed.

For example... one of my coaching clients had a print job he got quoted for $2500 and thought he got a good deal. I hooked him up with my printer and they charged him $1100. And that was just for the test quantity. On a roll-out, this will add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings! This printer hook-up will save you at least $1000 on your first job through them.

So when you add up the free stuff... you got $3000 in bonuses!

Hereís what you need to do right now - start bidding!

Either way you choose to pay me... make sure youíre one of the people to qualify. Hey- one more thing I want to make sure to give you is...


As I add new letters to this file... Iíll automatically send you copies!

This way... youíll always have the most complete... the most updated... the most POWERFUL ďswipe fileĒ ever created!

I donít know about you... but it gets me excited when I hold a sales letter that made itís owner $50 Million or so. What I do is STUDY EVERY SINGLE FREAKING WORD OF THE LETTER!


First of all... your $1000 template makes the ad collection free...

Second... your $1000 in Critique Certificates makes the collection free...

Third... your printing hook-up will earn you at least $1000 in savings...

Actually- youíre coming out $3000 in the plus... and keep in mind if you pick up even just 5 tips from the 73 different sales letters... these tips stay with you for your entire career... and will each profit you more than the $499 itíll cost you to acquire the Billion-Dollar ad and sales letter collection.

ENOUGH SELLING! Either youíre a player or a poser. If youíre a player... youíre already ordering this Billion-Dollar collection as youíre still reading this letter. If youíre a poser... I thought I told you to stop reading this letter!

Let me tell you a little story:

About a half-decade ago... I was in a real messed-up relationship. When I met her, I was on top of my game, I was 24 and a MILLIONAIRE! It took just 6 months for me to realize this girl was crazy. She made my life so miserable... it effected my entire life... including my business life.

I made so many bad business decisions, I literally lost my fortune and I got down to just $5000 in the bank. I was out.

Just like Trump in the early 90ís. When he met Marla Maples and was getting rid of Ivana... he lost focus on his business and was almost forced to declare bankruptcy. I had to get rid of this girl... QUICK... and I did.

A few weeks later, when I got my head together, I picked up a copy of a sales letter from my faithful Billion-Dollar collection, modeled a new ad after one of the ads found in my collection and... WITHIN 90 DAYS... I HAD MY MILLION DOLLARS BACK IN MY BANK ACCOUNT!

Can this collection benefit you like it did for me? If you enjoyed reading "How I Made $77 Million In Two Years - And You Can Too"... Iíd say YES! Absolutely.

So, itís getting late here. Itís like 2am and I need to to go to sleep now. I just needed to get this all off my chest and I wanted to make sure you got this offer asap.

Again to get your very own copy of my Billion-Dollar Ad and Sales Letter Collection," you must start bidding.  Do it now, before you miss out.

Either way... Iíll send you my entire collection... and all of the free bonuses right away. If you canít ďcopy and stealĒ your way to riches... you may be hopeless.

Thank You,

Vincent James

Author: "How I Made $77 Million In Two Years - And You Can Too"

PS: In the event this is no long being offered, Iíll simply send back your order.

PPS: Iím limiting the number of people, because I still use this collection and template to this day to earn a 6 to 7-figure income. On one hand, I want to fast-track your success 5 years... but on the other hand... I use this kit to feed my own family. So, Iím going to limit the number of people who use it.


ďMake a Fortune Selling

This Amazing Pill Using

My PROVEN Sales Copy!Ē

Iíll give you this supplementís secret formula... the place to manufacture it for under $2... the best list broker to get responsive lists... the wholesale printer to print the letter... and most importantly-


Important News For The Lucky Buyers of my Billion-Dollar Ad Collection:

Dear Friend,

This is by far the craziest thing I have ever done for anyone! As you already know... Iím pretty much retired from direct marketing for at least the next few years. Right before I retired... I wrote and tested a few sales letters for a few different products I wanted to market.

One of these products was a bodybuilding supplement which I was taking and thought was really excellent. I wrote a killer sales letter... tested it on a few lists... and it was a winner! Not a huge winner... but good enough to say the best list pulled $3 in sales for every 60 cent letter that was mailed.

While this success was good enough to probably make me a few million a year... Iím quite spoiled. If I cannot make $100 Million or so... itís really hard to keep my interest.

So I threw the sales letter in the drawer to collect dust.The other day, I came across this letter and remembered that it was a winner... and the product was great. I suddenly had a brainstorm to do this amazing gesture...Iím selling just limited copies of my Billion-Dollar Ad Collection.

If youíre serious and become one of the first to respond to this offer... Iím also going to give you the best thing anyone has ever given you...

#1. Youíll get the secret formula for this product:

Thereís just a few ingredients in this super pill. Iíll give you the ingredient list which you will then supply to the manufacturer. This ďrecipeĒ is all the manufacturer will need to make this product for you.

#2. Youíll get a rough quote (under $2) and the manufacturerís name:

When I was making this product, I was paying somewhere near $1.90 per bottle... and I made under 1000 bottles at a time. So, Iím going to give you the name of the manufacturer that can make these pills for you. Theyíll stick them in a bottle and even apply a label for the product for you! You may want to rename the product- which you can.

#3. Youíll get a wholesale printerís quote:

Iíve got a great small run printer in Kansas. They are so frigginí cheap... even after you figure in the UPS shipping charges... they are still roughly HALF as costly as local printers. And donít forget- when you hire a printer in your state... you have to pay sales tax. What Iíve done, was have this print job bid on already... and the price is super low. You can use my quote and my printer!

#4. Youíll get the email address of my list broker:

Iíve got a pretty good relationship with a list broker. Iíll pass alongher email address. Sheíll get you all the lists she thinks would work forthis offer. And one more special bonus is... Iíll tell you two mailing lists that actually worked for this offer! YES- IíM GONNA TELL YOU OF AT LEAST TWO MAILING LISTS THAT I HAVE PERSONALLY TESTED AND GOT TO WORK FOR THIS LETTER!

#5. Youíll get the SALES LETTER I wrote to sell this product:

And of course... all this means nothing without my copy. Iíve got a saying...

ďIím the best copywriter I know... and thatís a bad thing.Ē What that means is that when a sales letter I write fails... there is no copywriter that can get it to work for me. Well... lucky for you- youíre gonna get the complete sales letter Iíve created for this product... and Iíve even tested it on three lists... and 2 of the 3 were successful! If you hired me to write this letter for you- It would cost no less than $15,000... and a fat percentage of the sales.

LOOK- Thereís no catches either. Every dime you make is yours to keep. There is no royalty to pay me... nothing. No hidden fees... No renewal fees... Itís all yours to keep and do with as you wish. But you have to be one of the first people to order the Billion-Dollar Ad Collection.

Youíre Welcome!


PS: Iím giving you a proven, finished, complete direct mail project. This is easily worth several hundred thousands of dollars to the right person. Youíre going to get it for FREE if youíre one of the first. Period.


Get it on CDROM with FREE Shipping



North America Orders


Vincent James Billion Dollar Ad and Sales Letter Collection

$49 plus FREE shipping = $49




Outside North America Orders


Vincent James Billion Dollar Ad and Sales Letter Collection

$49 plus $6 shipping = $55



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