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Masters Of Internet Marketing 14 Teleseminar Series by Jeff Paul



You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What you get:  45 Page Manual in PDF format and Audio in MP3 format - all on 1CDROM.

 Guests Include Marlon Sanders, Stephen Pierce, Shawn Casey, Yanik Silver, Matt Furey, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Joshua Shafran, Marc Goldman, Alex Mandossian, Ron Romano, Perry Marshall, Rich Schefren.

How would you like to discover ALL the dirty little secrets the top bakers' dozen internet marketing gurus don't want you to know? How would you like a limited opportunity to pick the brains of the 13 richest internet marketers on earth who will reveal their best-kept, online cash-flow-producing secrets like...


** How to start from scratch and get your own profitable website up and running in as little as 24 hours

** How to drive a stampede of 1,000s of hungry visitors to your website (without lifting a finger and without spending a penny)

** The No-BS TRUTH on how to get your website ranked at the top of the major search engines (Yes, finally, you will be clued in on the actual TRUTH about search engine placement that most internet marketers do not want you to discover for yourself!)

** How you can profit wildly from the new Google AdWords "Gold Rush" sparked by Google's newly-updated AdWords policy!

** How to build a huge profitable op.t-in email list as fast as humanly possible, and how to turn that list into a non-stop cash machine

** How to access the HUGE untapped internet GOLDMINE everyone overlooks (even the "internet gurus")... that is at least 100 times bigger than "information marketing", yet almost nobody is tapping! (This has NOTHING to do with "niche marketing", "info-brokering" or "info-publishing" that all the "gurus" are telling you to chase.) You'll also learn how a brand-spanking-new, rinky-dink website... BARELY 10-MONTHS OLD... made over ONE MILL.ION DOLLARS just by tapping into this internet goldmine!

** How to automate your business using free or dirt-cheap software and tools, so you can make money even while on vacation

** Super-affiliate secrets: How to REALLY make money promoting affiliate programs

** How to create your own bestselling internet products in one afternoon

** How to find and get hot products to sell without creating one iota of the product yourself

** How to quickly and easily get killer web copy that sells your products by the truckloads

** The inside scoop about on-line auctions uncovered at long last

** And much, much more!

See, my partner Jim and I were thinking, "How can we do something special for our loyal customers and subscribers... and help them stuff their bank accounts with massive amounts of cash from the internet?"

Well, we recently held a series of tele-interviews with the top13 internet marketing millionaires, and we picked their brains clean in 2 hour + interviews… so we could get you the most amazing, proven, usable internet money making strategies right from the horses' mouths, so-to-speak!

We covered EVERY internet money making topic possible, and had these 13 internet geniuses open up, telling us, and YOU, their best-kept, online cash-producing secrets!

Now, we've recorded the entire series, almost 30 hours of interviews… and put them together into a tidy little package of CD's for you to listen to, over and over and over… so YOU can copy what these internet millionaires do… for YOURSELF!

"13 Internet Millionaires Reveal Their Best Kept, Shocking, Stunning On-Line Money Making Secrets With Jeff Paul And Jim Fleck Customers!"

This  teleseminar series will reveal exactly what these internet marketing gurus revealed in the interviews… and how you can get a special deal by signing up to receive this totally unique, one-of-a-kind program that you simply CANNOT get anywhere else, for any price!

Listen, I don't care if you are dead broke, have zero education, no special skills, or no products to sell. None of that matters.

The only thing that matters is your desire to escape the endless rat race, to forever leave that prison of a dead end job… and hop on the online internet riches bus with me here. I'm doing this teleseminar because I want you to learn what Jim and I learned so badly. You simply HAVE to hear how these remarkable internet millionaires do what they do… so YOU can do exactly what they teach you to do!

To discover ALL these secrets (and more!), go below:

Best, Jeff

P.S. Order now, while these secrets are still available, and while it's still hot on your mind. If you delay, and miss out on this teleseminar series.  

You'll be kicking yourself hard when you see how much money others are making with these jealously-guarded internet marketing secrets. So go below now:


Never Before Revealed:  Here's EVERY Internet Marketing Secret We've Ever Uncovered, Taught By The Largest Group Of The Richest, Most Successful, REAL Money Making, Millionaire Internet Experts Ever Assembled In One Place!  (This Is A No-BS Zone!  Only Authentic, Proven, Genuine, Bona-Fide, Internet Rich Guys Will Be Teaching You EVERYTHING They Know About Getting Wealthy On-Line!)"


Teleseminar #1 - Marlon Sanders Has Made A Fortune On-Line And Has Taught Thousands Of People Like Yourself How To Make Money From Home, Using The Internet.

Teleseminar #2 - Stephen Pierce Makes Well Over $70,000 A Month In Net Profits From His Websites.  He Has Brought In Over $100,000 in 3 Days.

Teleseminar #3 - Shawn Casey Makes Over $1.9 Million  A Year On The Internet Using His Explosive Strategies.

Teleseminar #4 - Yanik Silver Is Recognized As The Leading Expert On Creating Automatic Money Making Websites.  He Regularly Charges $4,995 Per Person To Hear His Secrets.

Teleseminar #5 - Matt Furey Makes Over $10,858.90 A DAY Selling Information Products On The Internet With NO Staff Or Overhead.

Teleseminar #6 - Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins - Brad Is The CEO Of SEO Research Which Is A Think Tank Of Search Engine Professionals.  One Of His Clients Does Over A Billion Dollars In Annual Revenue.  Andy Jenkins Owns And Runs 40 Websites.

Teleseminar #7 - Frank Kern Is The Laziest Marketer In The World.  He Has The Blueprint That Anyone Can Use To Copy What He Does.

Teleseminar #8 - Kirt Christensen Is The World's Leading Expert On Buying Web Businesses For Pennies On The Dollar.. Fixing Them And Quickly Exploding Their Profits.. And Then Turning Around And Selling Them for HUGE Profits.

Teleseminar #9 - Joshua Shafran  Spends His Time And Not Just Talking About It.  He Has Been Busy Making His Lucky Clients Rich.

Teleseminar #10 - Marc Goldman Built A Million Dollar Software And Information Empire From Scratch And Runs It On Full Auto Pilot... Allowing Him To Enjoy A Hands Free Lifestyle Most People Only Dream About.

Teleseminar #11 - Alex Mandossian Has Helped His Clients Generate Over $183 Million In Sales Over The Past 12 Years Using Direct Mail, TV Infomercials, Space Ads, And Of Course The Internet.

Teleseminar #12 -  Ron Romano Is The Worlds Leading Expert On Specialized Technical Marketing Tools That Automate Both Off-Line And On-Line Businesses.   Link Up His Remarkable Tools To Your Websites For Maximum Marketing Punch and Profits.

Teleseminar #13 - Perry Marshall Used The Internet To Grow A Nuts And Bolts Business By Over 2,000 % In Just 4 Years.  The Company Was Later Sold For $18 Million.

Teleseminar #14 - Rich Schefren Has Personally Started And Owned 3 Businesses That Have Done $6 to $10 Million A Year.  He Has Been Profiled On The Front Of The Wall Street Journal And Has Been On CNN.

CDROM #1 - Secrets Of Marketing A Local Business On The Internet  Guidebook

CDROM #2 - Easy To Sell Complete Arsenal Of On-Line Info Products.  Eleven Instant Products On-Line Reprint Licenses Plus Seven Instructional Training Courses And Software Tool Kits.

CDROM#3 - Instant Profit 2004 Automated Marketing Software.


Get it on CDROM in a sleeve with FREE SHIPPING OR You Can Request Your Order by DOWNLOAD and get it today!



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Masters Of Internet Marketing Teleseminars by Jeff Paul

$49 plus Free Shipping = $49




Outside North America Orders


Masters Of Internet Marketing Teleseminars by Jeff Paul

$49 plus $6 shipping = $55




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