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Make Money In Your Underwear Bootcamp by Jeff Paul



You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What you get:  Bootcamp Handout in PDF format and Copywriting Checklist in PDF and Audio in MP3 - All on 1 CDROM

It's Time To 'Get Together' With Jeff Paul On Tape, So You Can Hear All The Inside Secrets Revealed At Our Two Day, Direct Marketing Success Bootcamp...

Hear My Students And Me Reveal Every Detail About Making Money Quick And Easy, Sitting At Home In Our Underwear In The Complete, Unedited Tapes Of The Bootcamp!"

Dear Friend:

            Here’s the information you need regaridng "getting together" on tape, to hear me share my, unique, one-of-a-kind, “How To Make Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Home In Your Underwear” direct marketing information with you! Now, you can make a ton of money sitting at home in your underwear…just like I have, and like so many other Jeff Paul Direct Marketing Success students are...without having to travel to our seminars in Chicago!

            Not that seminars aren't great. They are! But, by getting my bootcamp tapes, you’ll have the closest thing to being there...and be able to learn the amazing, insider’s secrets revealed by myself, my students and my world class guest speakers like the one and only Dan Kennedy! 

At my bootcamps, everyone took home tons of real world, usable, proven, nuts and bolts money making details from me, our incredible guest speakers…and from hearing my most successful students explain EXACTLY how they use my system to have obscene amounts of cash deposited into their checkbooks…working from home, in their underwear!

            In fact, why not take a second to hear what others who've attended said after attending a seminar:

M. Jans: "I'm a busy person with 5 kids and a business I've owned for several years. I wanted to increase my income quickly and still have time for my family. Last month, I added $36,781 in sales using Jeff's system. That was in my spare time. Thank you, Jeff!"

T. Hunefeld: " ... I started from scratch with nothing more than an idea in July of 1995, and by the first week of September 1996 (14 months), have sold $323,762 of my own system, and am now on a $2 million a year pace."

T. Jampech: "When I came to this seminar Bootcamp, my partner and I did not yet have a concrete plan of action. About half-way through the first day the "plan" hit both of us at the same time like a bolt of lightening. We are now both on the same wavelength and on FIRE with motivation and excitement. I can't thank you and all your people enough. I am now confident that we will greatly succeed."

J. Jacoby: "There is a disparity - by the information given from the kit and the seminar, it should cost $5,000! It's GREAT, GREAT. I really liked the simple model and am interested in more seminars like this. Of all the decisions I've made, this is the best. I started getting magazines and materials on business opportunities and this is the one I chose because of your no bullshit approach."

Anon.: "I felt the seminar was well organized. The printed material and outlines are a very effective way to guide first timers as well as those of us who have a good grounding in the material already. I really liked the candid, casual format and the attitude of honest, blunt communication of facts. Paul Hartunian's presentation was great as well. Coming to these seminars will wake you up, give you the tools to get your butt out of bed and do something for yourself. You can't depend on a job, luck, college education or looks. If you want to be free, learn to market and find a niche."

L. Klein: "There is so much bullshit being sold in the world, so many incompetent people, so many people who just don't follow-through. Jeff Paul is the exception. He delivers what he says. 

D. McWilliams: "Having the written course in hand was an eye-opener. Attending the seminar drove all the points home and motivated me to do something and stop thinking about it. Having the study course and not attending the seminar may be a big mistake. Thanks for opening my eyes. I now have a new goal. I want to be a speaker and an example at a future seminar!"

D. Ray: "This is my first real seminar, but definitely not my last. I've actually attended one other, now that I think about it, I guess I forgot about it, because it was so impersonal...I can't wait to get started. Your Bootcamp is really a turbo-charger! With your guidance, I think success stories are probably commonplace."

A. Robinson: "I have found that the Jeff Paul system is the very best teaching system for learning how to develop your own home-based business in the world. This course, along with the Bootcamp, are the equivalent of a Ph.D. in marketing. You could not get a better education even if you paid $200,000 for a Harvard MBA. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is even remotely interested in having their own home-based business. It is the winner hands-down."

R. Ipach: "I think I've just stepped on to the highway of success. All the pieces of the puzzle have now been put together. This seminar probably has saved me 6 months of spinning my wheels."

M. Pilinski: "You're very honest and straightforward. I found that this whole program has set me on the right track in this business and saved me years of floundering around on my own. Well worth it, thanks!"

R. Trent: "I believe this is exactly what I needed to get started. Thank you."

            Not too shabby, huh?

            Successful seminars like ours are in great demand.  Unfortunately, they're not easy to come by.  But we are providing you with an opportunity to "attend" the same seminar that generated all these comments. How, you may ask?

            It's through a complete, unedited set of audio tapes....of the entire 18 hour live seminar!  What better way to give you important information that you can access whenever and wherever you want?  So, whether or not you joined us in person, you can now sit at home or drive in your car and hear...

Right From The Horses’ Mouths…How Both Myself And My MOST SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS Place Ads, Take Orders, Sit At Home And Make Thousands Of Dollars Each And Every Day In Our Underwear!!

            See - I know that no matter how great seminars are, there's a lot to be learned from tapes that you can listen to over and over again…whenever and wherever you want.  And I know from my own experience, when people are really comfortable in their surroundings, they're more open to learning.  So, I'm offering this opportunity to you to turn your car into a rolling PhD. level library of direct marketing success!

            You will hear about how our phones ring off the hook and how people give me hundreds of dollars for items that cost me a few bucks. I will tell you how I set up our tiny office that takes in more revenue than businesses with twenty times the space and staff!

You're going to get a rare audio "look" inside one of the highest revenue and profit generating businesses for its size anywhere...and hear with your own ears EXACTLY what MY WILDLY SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS and I do, how we do you can stay home and DO IT FOR YOURSELF IN YOUR UNDERWEAR! And, because of the fact that tapes are a repeatable learning method…you can listen to them over and over and over again!  (A benefit of tapes of live seminars that make them even better than the live event itself!)

            After hearing my tapes, you'll realize that Peggy and I are no different than you, or anyone else. We love each other, have "disagreements," love watching our kids grow up, wear blue jeans, and are just, well, regular people. You'll get to "meet" me and hear everything taught in my seminar, everything TRUE thing about this business, and hear how anyone can replicate what I've done!!          

            Let's face it, nothing beats finding out just how somebody successful does something…or how they see things or define the world. A really great teacher is one who can describe things so well, make whatever they're talking about so crystal clear, that you can close your eyes and "see" exactly what they're talking about.  It's like painting a picture of the entire Grand Canyon with words!

            Well-done tapes can do this same thing.  And my seminar tape is an excellent one!  But...

You're going to get in the driver's seat and "see" EXACTLY how my multi-million dollar students and I do what we do...and how easy it will be for you to do it, too!         

            Of course, the big benefit of sitting and listening to me, my incredibly rich students who work in their underwear, as well as other guest experts tell you EXACTLY what they do to make so much money, is that you, too, can break the bonds of your job or the business you're now get your career in a home-based, information mail order business going!

            You’ll hear, first hand, from me and my students and guest speakers how to get your home based business rolling along like a steamroller, bulldozing your way through the path of mediocrity and boredom!  Moving into a challenging, exciting world where you sit at home, talk on the phone and have checks and credit card orders placed in your bank account.

            Yes, that's the kind of life I've lived for the last dozen years. As you know, we gave you the complete story of that in the "How To Make Money Quick And Easy At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear" course. But, as we've learned over the years...

Some People Just Learn Better From Listening; Having Everything Explained By The Teacher And Successful Students Live, In-Person!

            Let my brain and the brains of my students dump into yours…in the comfort of your home, office, or car. There's nothing like a good tape - with the right speakers giving you the right kind of information!

            That's what I've got for you.  No theories, no B.S., no image, no professionalism - nothing but down-to-earth, power-packed, street smart direct-response marketing secrets and techniques - that will take a nonexistent or mediocre, poor performing a superstar business!

            You might remember my sharing that several years ago, I was at my bottom of the barrel...I was living in my sister-in-law's basement with my wife and kids, and my direct mail business was going nowhere fast. In September of 1991, I took in a total of $2,000 in gross business and netted just a little over $1,000 after refunds.

            You might also remember that I went to a seminar sponsored by a fellow named Dan Kennedy (one of the amazing guest speakers you’ll “meet” in the bootcamp tapes). After that weekend, my wife Peggy and I came back, full of new ideas, new energy and new hope! But, more specifically, better than hope - we had the tools to make our business work, and we knew it.

            We instantly applied what we learned at the seminar, and as you may remember, our business went to $13,000 in the month of October, $26,000 in the month of November, and $50,000 in December, and so on. At this point, we’ve sold OVER $25 MILLION DOLLARS in revenue since we started!


I "Copied" My Formula In Other Target Markets And Got The Same Results! My Students You’ll Hear On The Bootcamp Tapes “Copied” My Formula And Make A Killing Working Out Of Their Homes In Their Underwear! My Formula Can Be Repeated In Any Market...And Make A Fortune Starting With Little Or No Money!

            After my initial, remarkable success, I wanted to find out if I had a “fluke”, if I had just gotten lucky, or if I had found a TRUE FORMULA OF DIRECT MARKETING SUCCESS! I had to know.

            So, we also started the exact same kind of business training real estate agents. Using the exact same formulas and the exact same sales letters, the exact same ads - everything exactly the same as Planning Profit Systems -but this time to real estate agents instead of insurance agents and financial planners. That business did $1 million of revenue, in less than one year! It did over $2 million of revenue in its second year! Maybe this was not a “fluke”! Maybe I had discovered an amazing formula for direct marketing riches!

            But I had to be sure. So I started a third company on a smaller scale, still using the same formula. It did just a little over half a million dollars in its first year, and by the second year it brought in over a million dollars a year!             Keep in mind I only worked in this company part-time. Like the first two businesses…the formula allowed me to put this million dollar plus business on auto-pilot…and rake in the cash working from home in my underwear!


So, by the time I had repeated my original success with the same exact formula…I realized that I had in fact discovered THE TRUE DIRECT MARKETING FORMULA FOR MAKING A TON OF DOUGH FROM MY HOUSE, LIVING LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO LIVE IT!!!!

            I used this formula to gross millions a year---still working out of my home, still sitting over my garage, still looking out at the lake and the geese, still wearing blue jeans, T-shirts, and yes, my boxer shorts!  Still being one of the happiest people I know! I have as little stress and aggravation possible and am making more money than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

            But then there was one more test to see if my formula was real or not. I had to see if other people with no training in direct marketing or business could use my exact same process and earn a fortune working out of their home with an auto-pilot direct marketing business.

And…not only was I able to repeat my initial success…but I was able to teach  students who have the same kind of results I had! And, you’re going to “meet” some of them, so you can do a virtual “brain picking” from listening to them do a “show and tell” as they explain in detail, exactly how they’ve used my system to make giant incomes sitting around in their underwear….on the bootcamp tapes!         

            So now, on audio tape, I'm giving you the opportunity to learn the exact same things that I learned when I went to Dan's seminar about ten years ago. 

            I recall paying $3,500 to go back then, plus pay all my travel and other personal expenses. As you'll see a little bit later, our taped seminar does not have anywhere near that kind of price tag! We want to reach as many people as possible with a less expensive offering.

            One that gives you answers to the questions you want answered...and "walks" you through the whole process, step-by-step-by-step!  In fact, take a quick look at the things covered on these tapes. Here’s just a sampling of what you’re going to learn:

·        How to start at the beginning, assuming that you have no products, and nothing to sell!

·        How to create or find existing own products to sell!

·        How to negotiate the lowest rates for your ads!

·        Exactly how to pick a target market!

·        What stuff you’ll hear from ad sales people that is important and will make you money…and what stuff they say that you must ignore because it’s total bullshit!

·        Exactly how to set up and monitor your recorded message lines!

·        What you should NEVER DO, if you want to make sure you spend the least money possible and get the maximum profits possible!

·        How to perform accurate and cheap tests the correct way that no one else will show you!

·        The best and worst places to advertise!

·        How your sales materials must be set up to assure maximum response and orders!

·        The pricing mistakes most people make with direct marketing that’ll kill your business unless you know what they are and how to avoid them! How to create mark-ups that are at least 10 to 12 times (and even as high as 50-100 times) what you pay for the cost of the materials!

·        The inside secrets of merchant accounts that if you don’t know…can put you out of business in a heart beat! Learn what TO DO, and what to NEVER DO when it comes to your merchant account processing! (Hint- The merchant banks HATE that we reveal these insider secrets at my bootcamps!

·        How to virtually eliminate all competition!

·        The secrets of success mapping so you can find out ahead of time if your idea has a good chance of working or not!

·        How to get started with little or no money!

·        What numbers you must know to determine if you’re on or off track! Learn how to spot losers instantly so you don’t waste any money on them…and also how to tell a winner right off the bat so you can expand quickly and safely!

·        How to get audio and video tapes produced dirt cheap! You won’t believe how good they can come out and how little they cost to make…if you know the tiny details that tape producers will never tell you!

·        How to publish on demand so you don’t have to carry any inventory…and can get maximum positive cash flow at all times!

·        How to know if you’re being ripped off by vendors…or are getting fair prices and treatment!

·        How to do a marketing plan so you can measure your actual results against a plan! This is how the pros do it, and now you can learn their amazing planning secrets for yourself!

·        How to perform a pre-spending a penny analysis that will show you if your idea has any chance of working in real life or not…BEFORE YOU RISK A SINGLE PENNY!!

·        How to use a simple word processor, or even the most elementary typewriter to create ads and products that will sell...and bring you large sums of money!

·        How to get your orders processed and shipped for maximum customer satisfaction and minimum refunds!

·        How to get people to do things for you, so that you can run the whole operation out of your house and no matter how large it gets! You'll never have to incur fixed overhead and expenses!

·        How to create a back-end (ongoing, repeat sales to your customers), so your profit stream just keeps growing and growing!

·        How to know if you can afford to lose money on the front end or not!

·        How to cut deals with third parties so you can take advantage of their money, customers or products!

·        The right ways to handle your customers so they keep buying, and the wrong ways to handle them to avoid them never buying from you again!

·        How to systematize your entire business so it runs all by itself on auto-pilot! Make money even when you’re gone!

·        The little known secrets to get incoming phone calls handled for maximum sales…even if you have a “day job” for now and can’t answer the phones when prospects or customers call in!

·        How to use the money attracting strategy called “piling on” for ridiculously high conversion rates and ultra high prices! You’ll double or triple your sales when you take advantage of this very simple yet very sophisticated technique!

·        How to implement the “basic vs. deluxe” packaging strategy that when done correctly, increases your average sale by $200 or more…with only $10-20 more product cost! You’ll be amazed when you see how to set this up so virtually all your customers choose more expensive products with huge profit margins! It’s like finding money laying on the street in front of you!

·        How to set your business up with part time subcontractors so you don’t get stuck with fixed payrolls and legally a save a fortune in taxes!

·        How to decide on seemingly insignificant things that in reality, make a huge difference in sales! Things like what color paper to send out information on, what fonts to use, envelope opening secrets, the right and wrong ways to send out newsletters, the most effective way to print your materials for maximum sales with minimal costs, and lots more!

            In other words, we're going to teach you in the comfort of your own home or office or wherever... how to do everything that we've already given you information on, but this time you're going to hear it on tape instead of in person.  I'll be your experienced guide from start to finish. I'll share my own experiences, and you'll hear from my students and other successful direct response marketers like Dan Kennedy.

            What's in these tapes?  Well, for sure...

No Theories...And No Guesses. Only Pure Information About What Works, And What Doesn't Work!

            One of the most important things you have to understand that my offerings are not theory-oriented. You are not going to learn what should work, or what might work, or how I used to do things a hundred years ago, and so on.

            No - all you are going to learn is what does work, how to do it for yourself, and get step-by-step,

hands-on instruction that takes you from the beginning to the that you won't have to guess anymore or be worried that you might not be getting the right concepts or ideas put together.

            First you're going to walk through some hypothetical businesses, in different target markets...and we'll show you how we start from scratch. We're going to create the whole program. We're going to create the product, the ads, the response sales letters, order taking, back-end, the whole shot!  Then after we go through the hypothetical part, you'll hear true stories of people walking through their own actual, real life projects, living and working in what we call a "hot seat"! (More about them later.) What I'm saying is that, overall...

 We're Going To Walk You Through The Entire Direct Marketing Process...Step-By-Step-By-Step!

            We're going to "show you" again...all the details of how to do the entire business! Since you'll already be home, you can start implementing new plans immediately! You'll hear step-by-step instructions that'll get you going right now!

            OK - so let's talk about who's knowledge and experience, besides my own, is shared with you on these tapes:

            DAN KENNEDY - Dan is one of the smartest direct response marketing people on the planet. He has been directly responsible for a great deal of my success, and will be contributing to yours! His credentials are quite impressive, but his results are even more so!

            He is the author and publisher of dozens of books and tapes on emotional marketing. He is one of the most sought-after speakers in the country, and has literally given hundreds of talks in the last few years to associations, corporations and public audiences. His wit and humor make his live and taped presentations fun, but even more important, he delivers proven, effective methods to change your life!

He's The Best Direct Response Marketing Master In The Country!

            Dan has been directly responsible for millions and millions of dollars of products and services being sold strictly through direct response techniques. He does not hold back on his opinions and strategies to assure you can do the same!

            Dan has been involved in more than two dozen television Infomercials, including  the "Tony Robbins"  and "Think and Grow Rich" shows with Fran Tarkenton, "The Mental Bank Breakthrough" with Florence Henderson, the "Gold By The Inch" business opportunity, to name a few.

            Lately, he has been traveling all over North America, speaking with Zig Ziglar, and bringing his unique brand of marketing know how to tens of thousands of people who want to make more money and be more successful!

            He has consulted with, and sold practice building secrets and information to thousands of Chiropractors, all over North America. He is an expert at long-form marketing, and is a major "non fan" of the traditional marketing we all have learned to hate. When it comes to understanding human nature, and how to get people out of their chairs to pick up the telephone, Dan is the man!

            Once I "turned on" to his down to Earth techniques and mind set, my life lost the financial stress I had known all too well before. Once I "mind-melded" with his approaches, and got rid of the B.S. I had believed was right, I attained true security. Not just financial security. No, something much more.

            Emotional security. The knowledge that I can get responses to ANYTHING I DO, is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. (Is there really gold there anymore?) No, I truly mean that! I go to bed at night knowing that tomorrow, I will have leads and sales. Can you think of anything better in business than that?

            If you want this combination of financial and emotional safety, Dan is one of the best guys to hear, follow, and "get to know"! The lessons he taught me several years ago were simply amazing! (You all know how much I've made from getting the straight scoop from Dan!) I've heard Dan speak and teach over a dozen times since then, and get more from his words than I do from any other source of marketing wisdom! His updated information is even better because he is one of the hardest working guys I have ever met.

Dan Will Teach You How To Attract Money, Like A Magnet Attracts Paper Clips!

            Dan will be talking about how to transform yourself into a real information direct marketer in as little as a few weeks! When Dan says "transform," he means that anyone can learn how to be a magnet for people who want to buy your information! He'll teach you how you can learn to create a simple, home based business that turns itself into a money  sucking magnet...that attracts new clients as easily as a ten ton magnet attracts and captures a paper clip!

            See, Dan's teaching isn't based on theory or "should-be's." No, Dan is known as the "Professor Of Harsh Reality" for a reason. And the reason is that he will tell you EXACTLY how to create the mechanisms you need to have your mail order business attract clients automatically, on auto-pilot if you will, using techniques that actually work! You'll never hear Dan pass along useless "professional" marketing knowledge. Ever.

            Instead, you'll get a dose of reality splashed in your face. A reality that won't win awards or impress your spouse with it's good looks. A reality that just plain works, and one you won't get from anyone else, I promise.

            In the several years that I've known and worked with Dan, he is still the best. No one out there has the knowledge and wisdom Dan has.  Plus, he communicates this reality in a funny, very entertaining manner, making him one of our favorite speakers on tape! This is a great way for you to "meet" Dan!

            Because once you've found the right kind of balance in life, and learned how to avoid making the mistakes that have cost others their marriages, their careers, their family and all their money and then some...that alone is worth the price of this taped seminar many, many times over.

            PAUL HARTUNIAN - Would you be interested in learning how to get full page ads run for as little as 15 cents out of your pocket? I'll bet you would!

Learn How To Get FREE Advertising From The True Master Of Publicity!

            See, Paul is a very unusual fellow. Paul learned a long time ago, that getting direct response advertising offering his FREE reports or whatever, written up in the form of real articles in publications, or broadcast on the radio or TV...was infinitely better than any ad you could ever pay for! Why?

            Well, two reasons:

1. Anything written by a reporter or said in a live interview is perceived by the public to be correct. Paul calls this the "Halo" effect. The positive aura that surrounds you when your FREE report is offered in an article or interview. This effect normally causes a huge jump in the number of requests for your information. Huge.

            Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. One of my financial planning customers accidentally got one of our full page ads published in the local paper. The editor mistakenly thought that it was a press release being issued by one of his reporters. Don't ask me how it happened, all I can tell you is that it did happen.

            This same Marketing Maniac had run this same ad previously (as a paid ad) spending $250. He got about 25 responses. (Not bad.)  When the article was run as an article by the paper, written by the paper - same ad - he pulled in 204 responses, at a cost of $zero$. The only difference was that the public perceived it as being an article and not an advertisement, because of the way it was presented by the paper.

            Now, this was an accident. But even though it was an accident, it proves the power of the "halo effect" as Paul describes it when you are getting the publications to in effect endorse you.

2. Not only will you get more responses, they don't cost you anything to geT!

Let's face it, there is nothing better than FREE publicity when it comes to getting your message out to the public!       

            And, Paul is the master of getting FREE publicity!

            Anyway, Paul experimented with public relations in the old days. He did the same things that I did with public relations that caused me to almost give up on PR, and using the media as a source of advertising. Like me, Paul read the "professional" books on publicity, and studied the materials that were taught in the libraries and in traditional sources of this information.

            He followed the formats for issuing press releases and contacting reporters and newspapers and magazines with the same results that we all do. (Which is occasionally getting your name mentioned in a three inch article that nobody sees or reads, buried in the back of the news or in the weekly calendar section of the local paper. In other words, nada.)

            Unlike me, when Paul learned about the same kind of direct response marketing you now know about, the same kind that we use and the same kind that we teach you...he decided to see if it could be adapted and modified to work with the media and the press.

            His early efforts did much better than his so-called "professional" and "traditional" approaches, and gave him the impetus and energy to try more creative and different ways to use direct response marketing for the media.

            After a very short time, Paul started getting calls from reporters, started giving interviews in person, and by the end of the second year, using this type of marketing to media, he was interviewed by dozens of radio shows, appeared at some radio stations and actually got a few TV spots! 

(How would you like to be on television, interviewed by a real interviewer for a real TV show, and have them give out your 800 number offering your free reports, or other information that you have? Do you think that would be worth a lot of money to you? Especially when it didn't cost you anything to get the advertising out?)

            Anyway, to make a long story short, Paul is now, at this point in his career, been interviewed by over a 1,000 radio stations, has been on dozens of TV shows, and he has appeared in several dozen newspaper and magazine articles written all about him.

A Two-Page Spread In Forbes For FREE!

            In fact, he had a two-page spread written about him in Forbes magazine. (In case you're interested, it would cost over $100,000 to get two full pages of advertising in Forbes!)

            One time, Paul did an hours worth of work creating a simple little product and sold several hundred thousand dollars of the product without paying for even one ad! Every sale came from the FREE publicity he generated with his press releases! Not bad for an hour's work, wouldn't you say?

            Now, on these tapes, Paul puts in some work for you and allows you to see the inside of his bag of well-kept secret media tricks! When you hear him talk, he'll be teaching things like:

·        The biggest mistakes people make when contacting the media, and how to completely avoid them!

·        How to write a press release that will excite the media, and want to interview you immediately!

·        The little known words that influence the reporters and editors to jump all over your releases!

·        How to prevent the media from knowing you're an amateur, and thus ignore you completely!

·        Why all the standard press release formats in the "traditional" world, will assure no one will ever publish anything about you!

·        Why getting a press release published word for word means you really blew it, and why!

·        How to assure that your PR will turn into FREE, REAL DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING! (You know, the kind where people call you and ask for free reports or appointments, etc.! The only kind I teach or care about! )

·        How to make sure that the publicity isn't merely getting your name out there, but is generating action!

·        How to make any skill or knowledge you have, become an irresistible teaser to compel reporters and editors to chase you down!

·        The secrets of automated lead generation systems that get you your leads without you ever touching them!

·        Why almost everyone screws up on what they think a press release is supposed to to make sure you don't screw any of them up yourself!

·        How to find every media contact you could want, on disk,  with no work what-so-ever!

·        What you must never say when being interviewed, unless you don't care if they don't run your story, or  ever ask you back!

·        Why anyone has the ability to get interviewed, even if you're a beginner!

·        The things that turn reporters and editors off, and make them never want to interview you!

·        Paul's secret method of getting 90% of the reporters to ask you EXACTLY what you want them to ask you! (As if you were writing an ad for yourself, and they were printing or talking it for you!)

            I know I've said this already, but hearing Paul will stimulate your marketing mind to visit a new place, and begin a new way of looking at things. If you've ever listened to or seen Paul or on will, I know, agree that he's enjoyable and stimulating to hear!

            Jeff Paul - Finally, you have me! I lead and guide you through the seminar. 

            I share with you some personal insights into what I'm doing and how I keep moving ahead  using the exact same formulas - repeat the businesses over and over in different industries. 

            I'll walk you through, step-by-step, in absolute detail, the whole process of getting a direct response information niche market business going out of your home!"

"See" EXACTLY How To Go From Nothing, To Getting Orders Every Day, Even If You Still Have To Keep your "Day Job"!

            I tell you about the new businesses I've got going, and the new ones in the works! (And about the one I have started, with identical results, IN AUSTRALIA! Who says this kind of marketing doesn't work where they live? It works anywhere if you've got the right knowledge and tools...which you, of course, get from these tapes of my seminar!)

            I tell you about all the dumb mistakes I've made, why they were dumb, and how you can avoid them completely!

            I teach you how I've learned to think and see life from the eyes of a direct response marketer, which I will now explain to YOU how to do!

            Once you learn how to see life this way automatically, and with the reflexes of a top notch major league'll see how fast your wallet gets thicker! Why do I say this?

            Well, because everything that affects our lives looks one way to us, based on the way we color our views from past experiences, or prejudices, or beliefs, etc. You know, the old "Is a half-glass of water half-full or half-empty? Or, "Is a rain storm bad because you wanted to go to a baseball game, or is it wonderful because your crops were suffering from a drought?"

            See, everything can be seen by different people, in totally different ways...with everyone truly believing their perception is undoubtedly the correct one!

            Now, in these tapes, I "show you" how to change your perceptions of everything you see, so that instead of just seeing a thing, you'll see a marketing fortune in front of you! Just like I saw all the B.S. going on in the insurance and financial planning business. For years, to me, it was just something to remark about. Something to shake my head at. Something to see as crazy and stupid.

            Then, one day, when I got my thinking right, all that B.S. became the basis for a multi-million dollar business! What changed? Was it the B.S. that changed, or was it my perception of the B.S. that changed?

            Think about it. And pay real close attention to this part of the seminar!

I also talk about the unfailing nature of this formula. Of how it works in any field, in any country!  

            You know, the amazing thing about this business is that every person we've talked to since starting to teach this course...and who has done what we told them to do...has had the exact same results that we have had, in whatever niche they are marketing in!

             This formula can be duplicated and replicated over and over and over. Even if you just did one business working out of your home and made a couple thousand dollars a week (which is nothing in this business), imagine how your life would change!

            Do you think that making $100,000 a year working a few hours a week, part-time out of your home, would make your life a little better?

            Do you think you would feel better about yourself? Do you think your family life would change? Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that money buys happiness because I have learned from personal experience that money cannot buy happiness. On the other hand, money sure can rent happiness!  Admittedly, we've all got troubles. I've got my personal problems; I know you've got yours; everyone has personal problems.

            But, and this is a big but...


When you no longer have any financial worries...the other problems become easier to handle! And yes, sometimes the money can make the other problems go away!

            But even if it can't make all the problems disappear, at least not having financial worries takes the edge off, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night, allowing you to focus on your family and what is really important...which is enjoying your life and having the proper balance with your family.

            My seminar tapes are a great way to speak to each one of you individually. 

            Since I, too, need to keep a balance in my life, as well, I jumped at the chance to tape the seminar events to help you do what I do! So, I'm really looking forward to "talking" with you. Through my and others' experiences revealed on this tape, you will "enter" a new world that you might never have gotten into if you hadn't opened yourself to listening.

Successful Students Will Be Sharing Their Success STORIES With You!

            In addition to all the experts you just heard about, you'll also hear sessions where we listened to people just like you who have started their own information business...and who are making big money!

            We also did a bunch of “hot seats”, (where a seminar attendee tells the entire seminar their problems, and myself, Dan Kennedy, my successful students, and members of the audience participate in a group mastermind to help the hot seat victim solve their business problems)!

            You'll get to hear what these people are doing, what they used to do...and how we suggested they improve what they're doing! (These hot seats are awesome to get a handle on what someone else is doing, and how to apply that to your own situation!) 

            Like I said, seminars are great. Books are great. But, there is nothing like sitting home and hearing speakers share their knowledge and experience with you. Look how my life has changed since I first went to Dan's seminar.  Seminars are definitely valuable ways to exchange information.  And they offer opportunities to get and stay in touch with people, just as I have kept in touch with and continue to work with Dan.

            But, tapes are effective ways of "keeping in touch," as well.  Keeping in touch with ideas; keeping in touch with experience; keeping in touch with proven techniques and sound advice; keeping in touch when you can't be there in person.

            I still go to seminars at least two or three times a year, if not more. (I've been to every seminar Dan has put on since he started.) And I read more about direct response marketing, and buy more tape sets and courses from every single person that has information on it, than anybody.

            I spend thousands of dollars on continuing my own education so that I can become better and better at doing direct response marketing.

            I manage to go to at least a few seminars a year because I know that there is nothing like personal contact. I can't tell you how many joint ventures and ongoing business relationships that I have developed from people that I have met at seminars.

            But, it's not always possible to go in person, and a tape of all the information shared, made at the scene, is absolutely, in my mind, the next best thing to being there.

            Yes, valuable friendships and business relationships sometimes develop in classes and seminars.  But that's not always so, and friendships and business relationships aren't all that's available...if the seminar is any good. 

            Information you need is what seminars are really about.  And information is what these tapes are full B.S.! 

            This material is something you can and will want to go back to, listening often to all the power-packed information...walking through steps in the privacy of your home or car! You will have all the highlights from the seminar there for you to follow now and for years to come.

            So, get ready now to have your business plan "handed to you" on cassette.  They will undoubtedly help you, and helping people is definitely part of my life.

            See, I don't believe that I have come this far because I am a selfish person or because I am so smart, or because I am so greedy, or because I am such a great entrepreneur. No, I think I have come this far because I truly have a deep down burning desire to help other people. 

            And, I get no greater pleasure than seeing other people succeed. Watching people move from the bondage of being in a bureaucratic, slave-like job somewhere that they hate, or to a business that runs their lives ragged for little becoming a home based, mail order entrepreneur who is free, and sees nothing but clear blue skies above their life!

            Yes, to me, that is a true reward that I get out of all of the businesses that I do. Especially for teaching you guys to do what I am doing.

            So what I offer tapes for is intended, more than anything, to help you achieve your goals. To find out later that I have helped you get to a place that you never would have got to before! That is the reward for me! 

            Now, don't get me wrong - I do make money from tapes and putting on seminars, and I do make money in all the businesses I run.

            But that's not why I do them.

            I do them because I truly, sincerely want to help my customers and members, and I do have a deep down concern for other people's lives. I know that if I show you how to take the responsibility and give you the knowledge of what it takes to realize true success into your own hands, you're going to get where you want to be!

What you are going to learn from this taped seminar is something you could never learn in college.

You couldn't learn this at any business school and you can't learn it at any company!

            No - The information that you are going to hear has come from a very non-traditional way of working - in other words, coming from our own street smart ways, taught by the "College of Hard Knocks" and put together with complete devotion and passion to the truth and what really works - not what is supposed to work, or what is accepted by the system, or by what kids used to call the "establishment".

            See, I have no interest in any of that. The only interest that I have is taking people - including myself – and moving us all ahead to where we control our own lives and have the ultimate peace and security that comes from having our own businesses!

            You know, as the decade moves on and we get into the new millennium, those of you who are saddled  with jobs and working with bureaucratic companies are going to be left behind.

            With the age of the computer and the coming of the information age, the people who can control their own destinies by having information that they can sell to other people, of value, of true worth, without lies, without misrepresenting, without any B.S., are the people who are going to rule and control what goes on.

            There is no way life that can ever be safe or secure if you are still thinking with post-WWII mentality about getting your job, putting your time in, getting promoted, getting your house, putting your kids through school, then retiring on a nice pension until you die.

            No - those days are truly gone.  Those of us who have mastered the simple use of computers processing and transmitting information to other people who want to pay for it, we are going to control our destinies and take care of our families in ways we would not otherwise be able to do.

            Don't get left behind! The information highlights taped from these seminars will give you a chance to go from a standing start to a full blown, drag-racer pace in a very short time.

            Also, I want to offer you something else.

            I want to offer you our usual, no questions asked, money back refund on the tapes.

            If, any time during the first 60 days after getting the tapes, you don't feel that you have gotten your money's worth - that you haven't already learned what it is going to take and how you are going to start your business or expand your business if you have already started it and get it to the new level so that you can be in control of your own life and so that you can be participating in this age of knowledge and wisdom...

            You just simply have to ask us for your money back  within 60 days - we'll give you a prompt and complete refund less shipping & handling costs.  We are never going to take somebody's money unless they are 100% happy with what they learned from us, OK? 

            So here's the deal:

            We're going to be offering these tapes to the public for $599.00. They come complete with all the handouts that every speaker used, and are worth many times that low cost. That's over 18 hours of seminar, that'll just amaze you, as it did the people who attended!

            But we want to do something special for our own students, so we're going to do two things:

ð    Knock $100.00 off of the price for the first 75 people who purchase the bootcamp tapes, making your price the best yet!

            How's that for making it affordable to attend this incredible seminar on tape??

            Well, enough said?

            Take care!


Jeff Paul


P.S. Don’t procrastinate and hate yourself a year from now when your life is no better than it is now! Plus, why feel bad every time you drive in your car, knowing that instead of listening to that stupid talk radio or music you can hear any time…you could have been virtually “attending” the best direct marketing training bootcamp ever put on…and learn how to make money quick and easy from YOUR kitchen table in YOUR underwear!      

Testimonials For Jeff Paul’s

Direct Marketing Success Bootcamps!

“Jeff Paul has exceeded my expectations in both customer service and product value.  Few businesses deliver what they promise but they deliver much more.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues and fellow marketers…. I cannot make that statement about many other businesses that I do business with.”

Randolph Rheault   Enfield, CT

“I purchased your Jeff Paul package a year ago, but never really applied it due to stupid excuses and reasons.  The seminar however has excited me to get started.  The information is very thorough and useful.  I’m a finance/marketing major at NYU Stern B-School and it doesn’t compare to the information and system your company provides.

Joseph J. Kim       Haworth, NJ

“Well done! Put together well.   Would love to see more letters, postcards, etc.  of currently working models.  Program put together well and questions answered very well.  I love the model concept.  My wife and I have just started using the model.  It is just starting to work and this seminar has filled in the many questions that I needed to know and understand.  This seminar opens your mind to many possible applications.  The feedback you get from the seminar puts you on the right path.  Everybody should attend this seminar, because it opens your mind to the incredible potentials of making real money. We are particularly impressed with how freely your gave out information.  We got so much more than we expected in terms of ideas for new ads, reasons for headlines, what to use an how to use the information you gave us.”

Laurren Schmoyer         Greensboro, NC 

“OUTSTANDING!  The seminar is comprehensive, complete, and easy to understand and implement.  It solved my marketing problems.  Using just a few techniques, I’ve increased my annual income over $100K!   The fastest way to financial independence!”

James L Forbes   Houston, TX

“Your seminar was an eye opener.  I am relatively new with the mail order success program.  I am impressed.  I’ve been conditioned since I was 14 years old to work from 9 to 5 p.m. and punch a clock like so many of us.   One of the most inspirational segments was different speakers “ of how they got to where they are.”  It shows me that anyone can do this,  with the right attitude.”

Julie Towne  Grandville MI 

“I got more than my money’s worth within the first 45 minutes of the seminar.  The thought process change will be worth millions of dollars for me in income.”

Dan Gallapoo    Piqua OH 

“This is my 2nd Bootcamp and it really sealed the deal on what I need to do to finish my program.  I am looking forward to telling my success story at next years’ seminar.”

Tracy Bains  Bloomington IL

“I am so impressed with the eye opening experience.  The seminar has made me see there are several things I know how to -that I can structure to appeal to my niche market.  Every minute was filled with so many Ah-Hah’s that anyone could come in to your seminar and leave with enough information to start making real money.  The information you gave away was super high quality-   hot seats show a model to putting ideas through.”

Paulette Roswall  Olympia  WA 

“The most awesome thing I’ve discovered by attending Jeff Paul seminars is they deliver!  Jeff, your seminars are the definitive answers to the question of “How can I succeed in the direct marketing business?”   You delivered over 16 hours of meat and potatoes marketing info.  All the B.S.  has been left out.  The one thing I can count on from Jeff Paul is real world concepts and strategies, that if used, can produce massive success.   I appreciate your gutsy attitude no nonsense delivery of information and the impeccable timing and precision with which your seminars are executed.   Your entire staff is awesomely helpful and on top of every detail.  It’s a joy to attend your events.  Anyone who doesn’t is doing themselves a great disservice in the pursuit of their dreams.”

Tony Policci     Tempe AZ 

“Jeff Paul has a great company! I have made well over $100,000 very effortlessly as a result of what Jeff  Paul has taught me.  I now know more than 99% of the marketers and advertisers in America.  The model’s simplicity and effectiveness is its beauty.  Thanks a lot!”

Robin Liang  Marietta GA 

“My experience with Jeff Paul has been most positive.  The staff  has been very helpful.  The material very useful, and the ideas very stimulating.  This was my first seminar/Bootcamp experience on information marketing.  I have recently sold a service business and am now convinced I will build a profitable information marketing business.  Whenever I have ordered material form you, you have responded quickly by answering whatever immediate questions I’ve had and then sending what I’ve ordered right away.  It’s refreshing to get what you asked for without problems.  Thank you.”

Harry Chaney    Jenison MI 

“Jeff Paul runs a class outfit.  You get more than promised.  The content is great and Jeff really wants to see you succeed.  I’ve been a customer for several years and have always felt the material was as promised.  The bootcamps are simply a must.  Not just Jeff and Dan who are great and give invaluable pain and time and mistake avoidance advice, but the guest speakers, the successful students are so great to hear.  I  recommend Jeff Paul and the bootcamps to anyone who wants a lifestyle and an income and freedom to enjoy it!”

Barry Rutten  Bothell WA 

“Your stuff is the absolute best.  It’s changed my life for the better in more ways than I could possibly tell you.  I will tell you that this is the most profitable and fun business I’ve ever seen.”

Paul Carter   Denver, CO

“I like Jeff Paul because Jeff Paul and his guest speakers are very down to earth.  They tell it like it is.  They don’t sugar coat anything.  I learned a lot of things not to do with lots of ideas to go home with.  I have tried other money making systems.  So far this one makes the most sense.”

Brenda Jones  Okla City   OK 

“First and foremost, thank you for your caring attitude and brutal honesty!  Once again NO B.S. and just truths to apply each day.  As returning alumni,  I not only picked up tons of new info, I rediscovered forgotten info.  Finally your seminar served as a great wake up call to great thinking and start doing.   Your operation is a class act!!   Thanks always!“

Eric Sargent  Hermosa Beach  CA 

“Jeff has opened up a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at the world.  I’m very excited to go on to the next phase of my career using what I have learned at the Bootcamp.  It is a real pleasure to deal with Jeff and his team.  The entire experience is beyond inspirational.  I know freedom awaits me.  Thanks Jeff!”

Matti Anttila   Victoria BC Canada

“The seminar was excellent! Overall, I’m glad I spent the money to come.  Learned a great deal.”

Donald Grahek  Denver CO

“I literally can’t say or express what getting to know Jeff and his staff has meant to me.  I recently put together a campaign and tested it out on stage at seminar event. I went tabloidy on my title and bullet points to supposedly a room full of “sophisticated”  crowd.   Long and short I had 60% of the audience rush to the back room to buy a collection of special reports and an audio tape for $50 each.  320 people in all out of about 550 that listened to me!!  That’s about $16,000 and it took 4 ½  hours of work!  (Three days, 1 ½ hours of presentation a day.)  I look forward to a long lasting warm and continuing relationship with everyone at Jeff Paul, Inc.   Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Preston Christensen  Midvale  UT 

“Excellent seminar.  I can now start my information marketing business with the specific steps I need to take.  It was great to see others who have studied the course and attended the Bootcamp and are doing $30,000 plus per month using the Jeff Paul model.  Thanks for giving me the key to the financial vault and freedom.”

Thomas O'Malley    Ontario  Canada

“Jeff Paul’s “Lead-Gen” space ad marketing approach has given me a highly proven and effective means of selling information products to achieve me ultimate goal of financial independence.  After years of struggling for success by strictly using “direct mail”, I feel Jeff’s marketing system will give me the “bridge” to success.  His staff, especially Heather Krueger, has been invaluable resource in speeding our learning curve to success.  Thank you for sharing this inside knowledge and I look forward to becoming your next success story.”

Kevin Wassel     Cedars PA 

“Thank you for a wonderful seminar.  Jeff, Dan, Joe, R.D- all excellent.“

Joseph Sgarlata  Fairfax Station  VA 

“I really enjoyed the no fluff, no B.S. , real life,  hard hitting,  get results, and how to do it seminar.  Great job,  very impressed.   I am not completely unemployable because of those new millionaire creating concepts.”

Michael Black   Kent WA 

“This was my first Bootcamp.  I wish I would have been to a Bootcamp before I began running my ads.  Thanks for all your help!”     

Dwight Tostenson  Edina  MN 

“I would recommend Jeff Paul for anyone who wants to know about marketing.  Jeff gives you the ABC’s of marketing.  He holds nothing back including the good the bad and the ugly.  I have had all my questions answered and more.   I now know I will make more money than what I ever thought possible.  A very, very grateful and excited student!”

Doug Brascoupe    Ontario Canada

“This is my first exposure to Jeff Paul and his system.  I am so impressed and learned a lot of ideas to take home and implement.  The information was powerful and easy to understand.” 

Azure Robinson  Olympia WA

“Overall experiences has been very good.  Staff is down to earth with nuts and bolts ideas.  Heather and Jeff  seem to have the common sense human nature market cornered.  Program is resource-rich and well thought out.”

Dr. Steven Vaughn  Bowie  MD

“Your seminar has helped me to clarify your strategies and tactics.  I can’t wait to go home and start kicking butt.  Thank you for putting this program together.  I promise I will let you know when I hit $100,000 per month on sales.” 

John Rubio  Brick NJ  08724  

“I really didn’t want to come to the seminar because my schedule is so full.  But due to the constant pestering of a business associate I agreed to go just to shut him up.  It only took the first 2 hours in the first mornings session to realize there wasn’t any more important place to be and a better way to be investing my time.  By the end of the seminar I had a notebook full of ideas I could immediately implement that will definitely eliminate some frustrations I’ve  been dealing with.”

Forrest Tlustos   Scottsdale AZ 

“This even was great!  You really do turn over the keys to the vault.  I’m looking forward to applying the techniques presented and working the model to a “T”.  Thank you and see you at the next one.

Jeff Pears     Lake in the Hills IL  

“About two years ago, I stumbled across Jeff Paul’s full-page ad on making $4,000 a day in your underwear.  At the time, I was a vice president in a large mutual fund company and I scoffed at the ad. It seemed cheap, and unlikely to work.  But I ordered it anyway.  Two years later May 1999, I find myself sitting at Jeff’s Bootcamp seminar.  What I’ve learned in 2 days here is worth more to me than the 8 years I’ve spent in the corporate world.  It has been invaluable.  My dealings with Jeff’s company have been great.  My calls have been returned promptly and I have really enjoyed speaking with Heather and Chrissy each time.  Both are incredibly knowledgeable and always seem to have the time to talk with me.  Jeff’s products are outstanding.  I will always order them and will be back for the Bootcamp next year.  I’m looking forward to de-programming my “corporate mind” and making money with Jeff’s system. Thanks for your honesty, Jeff, and for creating systems/products that work!”

Nelson Duffle   Winchester MA

“The Jeff Paul experience is absolutely the most powerful and exiting 2 days you will ever spend.  The tool’s you receive will construct a money machine anyone could only dream of.  Through the years of seminar tapes, records, kit’s, I have purchased this tops all.  The sincerity of Jeff and his staff cannot be topped.  Their willingness to teach and help with advice and tested experience is superior to any I have experienced.  Jeff’s plan can make a millionaire of anyone who can read.  His step by step model can be followed from rags to riches.   I know of no other person who has worked out every detail from start to finish, where you need no thinking or creative skills.  His system has been tested and proven and requires only a small investment hardly any risk on education.  There is no other investment at any price that can return the dollars that his model or plan will give you.    Anyone can be an artist with paint by the numbers.  You can be a millionaire following Jeff’s paint by number plan.”

Dale R. Williams  Wichita  KS 

“Your seminar was very informative with the basics.  I thought you did a great job, and your stuff is great too.  In sum, I learned some, and most I already had head from books and tapes.  Frankly, I was happy about that, because it tells me I know most of what I need to know to do my business.  I appreciate you highlighting the leg points.  Thanks for a great week.”

Paul Maguire   San Ramon CA



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