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Masters Of Direct Marketing 15 Teleseminar Series by Jeff Paul



You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What you get:  82 Page Manual in PDF and Audio in MP3 - all on 1 CDROM.  Guests Include Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Yanik Silver, Paul Hartunian, And Robert Bly.



Complete Unedited, 30 Plus Hours Of Audio Of One Time Only Teleseminar Series Hosted By The Famous Direct Marketing Guy Who's Made Millions Quickly And Easily Sitting At His Kitchen Table In His Underwear... 

"Every Direct Marketing Secret We've Ever Uncovered! Discover How To Make Obscene Amounts Of Money Legally And Ethically - Making More Money In A Month Than Most People Make In A Year!  "Now, Save Money And Get Over 23 Hours Of The COMPLETE Unedited Audios Of The One-Time-Only Masters Of Direct Marketing Teleseminar Series!  "Any Existing, Or Brand New Business Can Detonate An Explosion Of Cash Flow Surging Into Your Checkbook Right Away!

Attention! This teleseminar series was a one-time-only event, and 145 lucky attendees got to hear it all live as it happened. But, since you couldn't be there, we're making a limited time offer of the COMPLETE, UNEDITED AUDIOS OF THE ENTIRE TELESEMINAR SERIES, OVER 23 HOURS OF AUDIOS, PLUS ALL THE HANDOUTS AS A MARKETING TEST! 

If you want to get the next best thing to being there audios, act swiftly, because this marketing test will be pulled very soon, and your time is limited. You don't want to risk missing out on being able to take advantage of learning EVERYTHING Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck, their special guest experts and incredibly successful students know about making big money with their remarkable direct marketing formulas! (You discover ALL the good stuff they know…as well as all the mistakes and disasters they've made, so you will never become a victim of these catastrophes yourself! 

This is truly a rare opportunity to learn ALL the inside secrets of direct marketing!)  You'll get to listen to Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck…and there amazing guest experts and students like:· Dan Kennedy! (The smartest and most knowledgeable direct marketing genius on the planet!)· Yanik Silver! (A true internet marketing maven that actually does what he sells!)· Paul Hartunian! (The brains behind getting millions of dollars worth of free advertising!)· John Carlton! (The best advertising copywriter on this green earth!)· Ed O'Keefe! (Bartender to million dollar home based income in just over one year!)· Dave Petitto! (The inside guy behind some of the most successful infomercials in history!)· Shawn Casey! (The Joint Venture expert and extraordinary Internet Marketer)  And more!  Joe Polish/Piranha Marketing - Direct Marketing Expert"…Anyone that's thinking about getting into business can learn this stuff... for a part or full time business. Most people hate what they're doing anyway. I love this...I'd do it even if I wasn't making any money.

Dear Friend, If you've ever dreamed of making more money in a month than most people make in a year, working on something you love doing, with money being deposited into your bank account every day, whether you're working or not…please read this entire letter as it will be the most important thing you've read this year! If you already have a business and want to make lots more money easily and quickly…or if you want to start a simple, ridiculously profitable business that you can run from home…You can reach your dreams so easily by learning the secrets of Emotional Direct Response Marketing! Hi. My name is Jeff Paul, and I am a self-taught emotional direct response marketing millionaire. You may have seen my infomercials, heard my radio commercials, or read one of my books. 

I'm the guy who…Makes Money Quick And Easy Sitting At My Kitchen Table In My Underwear! (The title of my best selling book which has sold over 130,000 copies!) I have sold over $30,00,000 worth of products over the last several years through emotional direct response marketing working from my home in my underwear! "generated over $200,000.00 in less than 2 years" My first exposure to Jeff Paul was responsible for helping me create my first information product that generated over $200,000.00 in less than 2 years. I've paid thousands of dollars to attend Jeff's seminars and I don't know anyone else who can show you how to use the secrets of the masters like he can to your advantage." Yanik

Michael Jans - WashingtonOne of the great changes is that I can work at home and spend a lot more time with my wife. One of Jeff's ideas cost me nothing and after 7-10 days we had about 250 people who turned into about $14,000. A lot of this're not going to find anywhere else. We bought a piece of property on the Columbia river, I have 5 children and now I don't have to worry about paying for their college tuition.

I have also taught thousands of people how to live the life of their dreams, doing whatever they want to, whenever they want to…with complete personal and financial freedom! ANYONE can do the same, attracting mass quantities of money by selling all kinds of products and services with the true miracle of emotional direct response marketing…on the Internet or Off-line! 

See, ANYONE can learn the ridiculously simple techniques of true, money making, emotional direct response marketing! ANYONE. It doesn't matter if you are old, young, rich, broke, male or female, have a college degree or are a high school dropout. It just doesn't matter. I have, and can, teach ANYONE how to convert their current business, or pastime, or job skills into a river of self employed cash running into your checkbook! What is emotional direct response marketing, you ask? Good question, with a simple answer. Emotional direct response marketing is advertising that:1. Gets people who are likely candidates for what you have to sell to pay attention to your ads because of the emotional appeal of the ads. ("Ads" can mean direct mail, print ads, TV, radio, home shopping, email, web sites…any form of marketing that can target hot buyers.)2. Asks for, and gets these people who've paid attention to your ad to respond in some way: to buy directly from your advertising, show up in your store, call in asking for information, send in order forms, come to a seminar, and so on.3. 

Gets these responses, subscriptions, orders, customers, patients, clients, services sold or whatever you sell…QUICKLY! Like NOW! Right away! NOW! (Unlike stupid "traditional advertising" you see on TV and magazines, which doesn't ask for any response, cannot be tracked…and which the advertisers hope that they'll eventually build up enough name recognition causing people to buy their wares sometime in the distant future.) 4. Can be tracked to the penny so you know exactly how much profit you made from each and every ad…and whether to expand the advertising…or kill it instantly if it sucks!5. Can be tested for tiny amounts of money to see if you have a winner, or a dog. If you lose money, you lose small money. And…when you make money…you have already tested the ad so you KNOW you can expand the advertising safely! Bottom line. 

NOTHING in the business world is smarter, easier and more successful that using emotional direct response marketing! And, here's the best part. Not only can I teach you EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING about emotional direct response marketing…I'll also show you how to rake in obscene amounts of money legally and ethically whether you already have a business or want to begin a new one! See, if you have products or services you already sell, I'll show you the little known emotional direct response marketing secrets to cause an explosion of cash flow showering down upon your business! If you don't have a product or service yet…I'll show you a mountain of unheard of strategies to either easily create or find any number of products or services you can sell for ridiculously high profit margins! (And I'm not talking about "normal" profit margins of 50% or less most businesses work with. I'm talking about selling products or services that sell for 5, 10, 20 even 40 times more than they cost to produce!!!! How's that idea grab you? 

For example, I have many products I sell that I make 50-100 times the actual product cost on! I have products that cost me $1 to make…which I sell for $127, for example! Like that kind of mark-up?) Anyway, over the last year, I have had many people ask me to do some live seminars or "bootcamps", like I used to do years ago. But, I felt like I couldn't do a good job teaching EVERYTHING I know about direct marketing in one seminar. There's just too much stuff to teach, given how much stuff my partners, associates, students and myself know.

All the great stuff that works like crazy…and awful stuff that has cost me a bundle! (Mistakes, blunders, errors, misjudgments, screw jobs, con jobs, rip offs, disasters, etc. We've made millions, and been taken to the cleaners enough times to know exactly what works, and what to avoid like the plague. I would have killed to have someone teach me not only the exciting money making secrets…but to also teach me the painful traps to stay away from! 


Anyway, my partner, Jim Fleck, and I decided that the best way to teach you EVERYTHING we know about emotional direct response marketing is to do a one time only series of teleseminars! Using a string of teleseminars allowed the time to reveal EVERYTHING we've EVER discovered about making money (and how not to get screwed or make costly mistakes) via direct marketing on our own, through dozens of private clients and thousands of our successful direct marketing course buyers, and live seminar attendees…both on the Internet and off! Well, we did it over a couple of months, and now here is the audio version of every second of every teleseminar we held, over 23 hours worth of info! 


Here's a sample of the amazing secrets that Jim and I, our special guest experts…and wildly successful students taught the live attendees, which you'll now get to listen to as often as you want to on the over 23 hours of audios! You will learn the insider's details about things that will work for any business, whether already running, or if you want to become self employed with your own direct marketing business like: 

Picking products and services to sell! The truth about setting prices! How to create and use killer advertising copy that sells like crazy! What the REAL secret ingredient is in the recipe of insanely profitable direct marketing success! The real story of making money on-line…and using the web to actually make money! The raw, uncensored truths about every marketing medium including:  Direct Mail! o TV infomercials! o Home Shopping Channels!  Radio!  Print Ads!  Internet - Web sites and email!  Telemarketing!  Faxing!  Teleseminars!  Broadcast Voice!  Press Releases and Publicity! 

How to not get ripped off, or screwed, blued and tattooed by: Media Buyers!  Merchant Account Banks!  Advertising Agencies!  Fulfillment Companies!  Direct Mail Letter Shops! o Order Taking Firms!  Knock-Off Artists! (Scumbag, asshole copycats!)  Telemarketing Companies!  Home Shopping Channels!  Infomercial Companies!  Graphic Artists!  Web Site Designers!  Joint Venture And Other Types Of Partners!  Employees!  Government Regulators!  Accountants!  Attorneys! 

 Making False Assumptions And Predictions! (THIS kills more businesses than the government does…and that's a really hard thing to do!)  And other miscellaneous money, and life energy sucking schmucks who are out to ruin your life! The ONLY marketing formula that that virtually assures 100% chance of direct marketing success! How to do things like:  Make outrageous amounts of money even if you have no money to start with, have no product or no customers! (THIS one special skill ANYONE can become an expert at in no time is worth a million times more than the cost of this whole course all by itself!) o Create irresistible offers!  

Craft "can't say no" guarantees! o Package/bundle products and services properly! o Price products and services for maximum profits and cash flow! o Test market with tiny money, so if you're wrong you don't get destroyed! o Use Accurate Thinking to make sure you win often, and win big! o The little known, but powerful ways to drive TARGETED traffic to your web site for little or no money! (Hint- You MUST know that the difference between "traffic" coming to your site…and "TARGETED TRAFFIC" coming to your site is the difference between making little or nothing from your web site…to making big profits, sitting around your house in your underwear!)  

Use the right software to run every aspect of your direct marketing enterprise…and what critical numbers to be able to get in a nanosecond! (And, what these all important numbers are revealing to you about your business!)  Model your business to know if you have a prayer, or are dead before hitting the ground!  Structure a wafer thin business that brings in piles of cash without little or no infrastructure! Learn the secrets of running a multi-million dollar business from a broken down TV dinner tray in your basement! (Yes, sitting in your underwear, if you'd like!)  

Get high margin products to sell in as little as five minutes time without creating one iota of the product yourself!  How to double, triple or even quadruple your profits using the easiest and simplest technique that not one in a thousand businesses knows about or uses! (Hint- Harnessing this one secret alone will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and we know your dreams are pretty wicked!)  The high profit cash flow stream that 9 out of 10 business miss completely…yet is so obvious they kick themselves in the ass when they discover how much money they've lost! 

The REAL story about search engines that you won't read on Yahoo or in any of the bullshit ezines and "services" that claim to get you high placement on search engines. THIS topic alone is worth more than the tuition for the course! Don't be fooled by search engine lies any more. Here, we reveal the REAL scoop about what you MUST know about search engines you won't get from anyone else! And way, way more! "I'm on course to collect $50,000 - $60,000 a month" "I wanted to let you know how your program is working for a result..., I have hired another person to treat my patients in the morning so I can run my business out of my home on the hill... I'm really enjoying it. Now, I work 3 afternoons at my office collecting $35,000 a month there, and thanks to you, I'm on course to collect $50,000 - $60,000 a month with my other business. Even though I'm far from an expert...there can't be anything out there that a "beginner" can do...with such dramatic results in such a short period of time. I really do owe it to you."Ben Altadonna - Haywood CA

comments about Jeff and Jim from other names you'd recognize..."Congratulations on providing real-world, useful, money-making info. With all the garbage on the Internet it was such a relief to find something of true quality that delivered way more than it promised! Keep up the good work guys! "Paul Great Job! "You've taken the basics and distilled it down so that any business owner, entrepreneur or marketer can apply the strategies... Great job..."Anthony Blakeco-author "Postcard Profits!" "Hands Down, The Best Course I've Seen!""...A person would have to be 'brain dead' not to take advantage of you and steal this course..."James "...Great examples, and truly fantastic information. Loved the unique perspective Jim and Jeff have. I got at least three new ideas I can't wait to implement...."Jonathan Mizel "Jeff is the Guru of Direct Mail Marketing"."Jam packed with precious marketing tips which are more valuable to any entrepreneur than solid gold nuggets. If you want to market anything successfully, get this...."Ted NicholasAuthor of Magic Words That Bring You Riches and How To Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $75

How's that sound? Pretty interesting, huh? Anyway, here's the deal. Here are the titles of the 14 teleclasses we held: Teleclass #1: "The Secret Of The Miracle Of Emotional Direct Response Marketing! The TRUTH About Emotional Direct Response Marketing - Why It's The Best Business Method On The Planet! How People With No Money, Background Or Training Have Made Themselves Millionaires With Home Based Businesses…Or By Exploding The Sales Of Their Existing Business! Discover THE Money Making Formula That Virtually Assures Success And Attracts Money Like A Ten Ton Magnet Attracts A Paper Clip! A Paper Clip!" 

Hear some of our most successful students/clients share their amazing rags to riches stories from using our unique, proven emotional direct response marketing system! 

Teleclass #2: Amazing Interview With The Smartest Direct Marketing Man, Dan Kennedy! One of the most sought after direct marketing gurus spills his guts about what he does that makes him and his clients so obscenely wealthy! 

Teleclass #3: Eye-Opening Interview With World Class Advertising Copywriter…John Carlton! The Age Old Secrets Of Killer Advertising Copywriting Revealed! Discover How To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand In The Desert! A World Class Million Dollar Copywriter Exposes His Best Kept Copywriting Secrets! 

Teleclass #4: How to Get $1,000,000 Of Free Advertising And Publicity…Interview With Paul Hartunian! How To Get FREE Advertising! The Real Story About Public Relations! One of the world's most successful and rich publicity hound/expert will peel off the lid on the insider's secrets of how to get the media to do all your advertising for you... for FREE! 

Teleclass #5: Joint Venture Miracles - Make Money Without Money, Products Or Customers! Discover the amazing secrets about how to make money under any circumstances through Joint Ventures! You'll be clued in on the REAL secrets of making money even if you don't have any yourself, or even if you don't have a product or customers! The world of Joint Ventures opens up a little known, but incredibly powerful method of making obscene amounts of money, whether you want to run a big business…or work by yourself out of a spare card table in the basement! 

Teleclass #6: From Bartender To $1,000,000 Home-Based Business…Interview With Ed O'Keefe! The Truth About How Easy It Is To Get Ridiculous Success, Wealth And Personal Freedom Making Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear! Even If You've Never Been In Business For Yourself And Don't Have A Product To Sell! Meet and listen to a wildly successful client explain how he has become a millionaire with this marketing system that never fails! Meet, greet and listen to a "Make Money In Your Underwear" student as he gives you the 'insider's tour' of his very successful, yet jealously guarded secrets! 

Teleclass #7: The Little Known Secrets Of Finding Or Creating High Profit Products! How To Create, Find Or Acquire Information Products That You Can Sell For Shockingly High Profit Margins…Making A Fortune Working From Home Without Any Inventory! Use The Miracle of Publishing On Demand To Retire Wealthy, Free From Worry! Even if you have no idea, hobbies, special skills, products or services to sell yet, we'll teach you EXACTLY how easy it is to find or create products to sell for outrageous profit margins! This amazing session will show you how to get killer products and services to sell whether you've been in business for decades, are dead broke living in your car…or anything in between!

Teleclass #8: The Secrets Of Direct Mail Riches…Remarkable Interview With Jon Goldman! Listen and learn about the fascinating and always profitable world of direct mail! Many people incorrectly think that with the advent of email and the internet, that direct mail is dead. They couldn't be more wrong! Direct mail works better than ever now that telemarketing IS dead, and hasn't suffered at all because of email. Discover the jealously guarded secrets of direct mail form one the countries leading experts on the REAL secrets of making direct mail work! You're going to be amazed at the secrets of profitable direct mail Jon lets out of his bag for you! 

Teleclass #9: Real Secrets Of Online Riches…Shocking Interview With Yanik Silver! The TRUTH About Making Money Quickly And Easily From Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear ON THE INTERNET! Discover The TRUTH About Actually Making Money On-Line With No Bullshit, No Hype And No Lies. Finally Get A Real World, Insider's Look At How Money Is And Isn't Truly Made With The Internet! Listen to home based internet money sucking success stories reveal exactly what they do on-line to make so much damn money so easily! You'll be shocked at how much money these folks are making from the internet, having money emailed to them every day while they lounge about in their underwear! Plus, you'll hear about the "Internet Marketing Challenge - Instant Internet Riches…Make $1000 In Only 48 Hours On-Line With Only $200 To Start! What If You Had A Gun To Your Head And Had To Make $1,000 IN 48 Hours or Less - How Would You Do It? Here's EXACTLY How!" 

Teleclass #10: Joint Venture Miracles Number 2…Case Studies And Examples! More delving into the world of Joint Ventures giving you real live case studies to study and learn from! Also, learn the TRUTH about Joint Ventures on the internet no one else will tell you! 

Teleclass #11: $1,000,000 Secrets Of TV, Radio, And Recorded Messages! TV, radio and recorded messages can make you very, very rich! But, if you don't know what you're doing…they can make you very, very poor! Learn the REAL secrets of making money with these remarkable medium from guys who are on the inside of these industries, and who will reveal the closely protected secrets you simply won't hear anywhere else! 

Teleclass #12: Rip-Offs, Cons And Screw Jobs! How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Direct Marketing Bad Guys! As much as we're going to share with you about the GOOD stuff in direct marketing…we'd be remiss if we didn't share a wide range of ways you can get your ass handed to you on a gurney…and how to avoid getting screwed, blued and tattooed! We'll share a bunch of horror stories we've been through ourselves, and from clients/students who've told us their horror stories! You MUST learn about these nightmares BEFORE you inadvertently end up in the middle of them unbeknownst to you until it's too late! 

Teleclass #13: Putting It All Together…Starting Your Direct Marketing Success Story From Square One! How To Get Started From Square One! What You MUST DO NOW, Step By Step, Since You Know The Confidential, Hush-Hush, Emotional Direct Marketing Secrets You'll Never Learn Anywhere Else! BONUS- Extra Long Question And Answer/Hotseat Session To Address All Your Concerns, Fears, Questions And Specific Business Issues! 

Teleclass #14: Life Lessons Learned Along The Way…Insider's Secrets For Handling Direct Marketing Success! In this BONUS session, we explain our 42 rules for maximum success in direct marketing and in life! This candid, straight forward, hard hitting, no-bullshit info is definitely information you won't hear anyone ever talk about…because it's about what really goes on in our heads and hearts. Subjects most so-called "gurus" just wouldn't reveal or be open about. We do, and you'll find this session fascinating and learn some hard core, real world of the mean streets truths about making it without losing it at the same time! In these mind-blowing sessions, you will learn EVERYTHING Jim, myself, our special guest experts and incredibly successful (and rich) students/clients know about making money for ANY KIND OF BUSINESS with direct marketing…and all the huge mistakes, blunders, disasters, con jobs, rip offs, knock-offs, and interference from true assholes we've suffered through…so you won't have to suffer from making the same mistakes…learning how to avoid them from the lessons we've learned through our stupidity and naiveté!  

Wait...You also get this free bonus FREE "KILLER COPYWRITING - HOW TO WRITE COPY SO GOOD YOU COULD SELL SAND IN THE DESERT - COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT/OFFER CHECKLIST!" (Priceless Value) - A 220 item, comprehensive, all inclusive, Killer Copywriting "Checklist and Reminder Cheat-Sheet"! This is the insiders' tool of all insiders' tools - the way to make sure us highest paid, professional direct response copywriters/consultants get everything, and forget nothing when designing materials to sell stuff! See, one my clients once asked me how I really get so much consistency and success with my marketing efforts, and said he wouldn't let me off with some lame answer.

So, I showed him a copy of the checklist. He told me he knew I had some tool like pilots use to make sure NOTHING IS LEFT OUT OR MISSED! I told him that the pilot analogy is very accurate, since they never get into a plane without going through a similarly comprehensive checklist. And he then said I was a pig for keeping the checklist to myself, and that while I shouldn't give it away…it should be included with training programs people buy from us. Even though I jealously guard this much inside knowledge, I realized he was right, and that I should share it with really serious minded students who are willing to do what it takes to make it themselves! So…I'm including a FREE copy of this wonder-tool only for "Deluxe Program" attendees as a way of rewarding them for being so sincere in their desire to reach their dreams!) So, how's that for a line-up? 

We packed everything we know into these teleclasses and bonuses so I can feel good about this…and so you can get a PhD-level education in real world, street smart, no bullshit direct marketing that works for ANY BUSINESS, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, IN ANY MEDIUM INCLUDING THE ELUSIVE INTERNET…WHETHER YOU'VE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOREVER OR DON'T HAVE ANYTHING EXCEPT A DREAM AND BURNING DESIRE TO LIVE LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO, UNDER YOUR CONTROL!  Here's the deal we're offering to youThe "Masters Of Direct Marketing Course" package sold to the live attendees for $997. As part of this marketing test, we're temporarily offering the entire audios of the 14 teleseminars plus all the handouts. 

 ORIGINAL "KILLER COPYWRITING - HOW TO WRITE COPY SO GOOD YOU COULD SELL SAND IN THE DESERT!" 2 ½ HOUR, OLD TIME MASTERS OF COPYWRITING AUDIO CLASS! This is an unedited audio tape set plus one-of-a-kind handouts from one of Jeff's famous two and a half hour Copywriting Classes! In this class, Jeff teaches students his previously unreleased secrets of writing advertising copy that can sell anything…even sand in the desert! Jeff uses a sequenced formula that he'll teach you each and every step of…plus he uses real ads of his and other top copywriters as examples, illustrations and samples to walk you through the formula! 

Many of the ads he shows you are more than 100 years old, and some are as recent as a year ago. (Jeff also reveals his shortcut for writing copy that even the worst writer can use to instantly become as good at writing advertising as the top paid professionals!)

 Now, due to the the limited nature of this marketing test, we will be raising prices...Guaranteed! This is not some fake offer where we have some rolling date that changes every day you come here. The price will go up within a few weeks or when the first 100 are sold, PERIOD!...that's all there is to it. If you want to get this home study version before the price goes up you should order right now! Once it goes up there will be no exceptions. We're sending this email to over 625,000 of you, some from our own customer list, and many from some of our joint venture partners. With only  77 copies at this price as of today, and the incredible value of this "tell all" format, where we reveal EVERYTHING we know about emotional direct response marketing for such a ridiculously low price…we know this baby will sell out FAST. If you want in, you should sign up NOW, while this is fresh on your mind.  

If you ever imagined yourself selling things you love to deal with, being your own boss, and making more money in a month than most people make in a year…you have no choice but to order and get yours while the gettin' is good. Remember that these orders are going to be dealt with on a first come- first served basis with no exceptions. As soon as the 100th person gets their copy…the price will go up.  Once the first 100 are gone, they're gone at that price, so get yours now. You don't want to be kicking yourself in the ass for the rest of your life about what might have been, do you? We look forward to hearing from you soon!


The TRUTH About Emotional Direct Response Marketing - Why It's The Best Business Method On The Planet.  

How People With No Money, Background Or Training Have Made Themselves Millionaires With Direct Marketing Based Businesses!  Discover THE Money Making Formula That Virtually Assures Success ... And Attracts Money Like A Ten Ton Magnet Attracts A Paper Clip!

Teleseminar #1 - Introduction - The Secrets of Emotional Direct Response Marketing

Teleseminar #2 - Amazing Interview With The Smartest Direct Marketing Man, Dan Kennedy!

Teleseminar #3 - Eye Opening Interview With World Class Advertising Copywriter John Carlton!

Teleseminar #4 - How To Get $1,000,000 Of Free Advertising And Publicity!  Paul Hartunian Interview

Teleseminar #5 - Joint Venture Miracles - Make Money Without Money, Products Or Customers!

Teleseminar #6 - Bartender To $1,000,000 Home Based Business - Interview with Ed O' Keefe!

Teleseminar #7 - The Little Known Secrets Of Finding Or Creating High Profit Products!

Teleseminar #8 - The Secrets Of Direct Mail Riches... Remarkable Interview With Jon Goldman!

Teleseminar #9 - Real Secrets of Online Riches ... Shocking Interview with Yanik Silver

Teleseminar #10 - Joint Venture Miracles Number 2... Case Studies And Examples!

Teleseminar #11 - $1,000,000 Secrets of TV, Radio, And Recorded Messages... Interviews With Dave Petitto and Ron Romano.

Teleseminar #12 -  Rip-Offs, Cons, And Screw Jobs!  How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Direct Marketing Bad Guys!

Teleseminar #13 - Putting It All Together... Starting Your Direct Marketing Success Story From Square One!

Teleseminar #14 - Life Lessons Learned Along The Way... Insider's Secret For Handling Direct Marketing Success!

Teleseminar #15 - The Secrets of High Ticket Products And Teleseminars... Interview With Robert Bly & Michael Masterson


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Masters Of Direct Marketing Teleseminars by Jeff Paul

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