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Jeff Paul Brain in a Box

How did this get started?   I was contacted by a customer and she is working on an information course targeted to her niche industry and she wanted to learn from the best.  I told her that no one - NO ONE - did it better than Jeff Paul and that I had the courses I could put together for her.

Please note that when I first did this I only offered it in all printed manuals with 100+ CD's and they paid $400 for this!    You're not going to pay that today!

Then I told her about the $25,000 niche disk that I received as part of my package and her voice got excited.   That's right - you just find and replace and your whole product is created!  Pull out the word "plumber" and add "hair salon" if that is your niche.  Who wouldn't rather market to a niche than "every small business".  The money is in Niche marketing!  

She worked on a price that she was comfortable with and I said I'd even throw in FREE shipping to make the deal happen!

This is the biggest special with this much content EVER!  It's not for everyone as the price is high but even if you have to use your credit card and make a couple of payments on it to your bank IT'S worth it!    

Look at what you are getting - you are saving THOUSANDS!    And remember, I'm only making a total of 13 packages and 1 is already paid for so that leaves just 12!

Will you be one of the lucky ones?  

The JPDK (Jeff Paul/Dan Kennedy) model of Information marketing was the first and best!  This is what started a whole industry!  Buy it, Study it, and Then Create it!  

I have the rights to the $25,000 marketing model niche CDROM!  You want to target a certain industry then this disk is all you need!    You simply find and replace your industry for the one that was used!  It's that Easy!   

As a bonus I'll throw in Jeff Paul's Private Stash Swipe File with a value of $2,000!

So look at each course you'll get here as an example of what you need to create and then whether you want to learn more about how to do it for your business, or you want to create your own product's) then this brain in a box is the only brain in a box you'll need!

This is what you get!  Click on each course title below to see how much there is!     

This will all come on 2 DVDROM and 1 DVD.   The manuals will be in PDF and the audio in MP3.   

This is so Jam Packed With Information - only I give these kinds of deals!

Plus don't forget the $25,000 marketing model niche which is worth more than this whole package if bought separately!   PLUS I'm throwing in the Jeff Paul Swipe File!    

Get it all and get it today - but hurry!   

I am closing off orders in 7 days.   You have 1 week to decide if you are in!

This offer may not be offered again as I want to limit the # of niche CDROM's out there!



North America Orders


Jeff Paul Brain in A Box on CDROM

$149 with FREE SHIPPING!




Outside North America Orders


Jeff Paul Brain in A Box on CDROM

$149 plus only $10SHIPPING!




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