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Fred Gleek with Yanik Silver How To Do Info Publishing

How to Launch Your Own Million $ Info Publishing Empire



You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What You Get: What You Get:  126 Page Manual in PDF format and Audio in MP3 format on 1 CDROM


Stop wasting your time traveling down the road to failure:

If you currently sell or are interested in selling any information product, including traditional books, e-books, audios, CD ROMs or videotapes, then you need to know how to generate virtually unstoppable automatic profits from the information products that you create and sell . . 


"Discover The Secrets Of Starting A Million Dollar Information Business On A Shoestring From Actual Experts That Have Done It"!

Proven Secrets From The Experts That GUARANTEE To Show You Exactly How They Make Their Millions With High Demand, Simple To Run, Information Businesses!


Dear Friend,

Imagine this:

Instead of heading of to work next Monday you make a short trek to your home office and power up your computer. You access your e-mail and see line after line of e-mail messages with the subject line "Payment Notification". You check your stats, spend another hour doing pleasant, money generating work, then call it a day.

Sounds like a fantasy? 

It's not. It's the very real life of an information marketer.

Sure, you've heard the stories. A guy is laid off, spends his last few bucks creating an online business, and quickly builds his small investment into a million dollar machine. In the information business, stories like this are not unusual.

Fortunes have already been made, and there's still plenty of room for anyone to jump in and suck millions of dollars in profits with their own automatic information business. And that's the reason selling information is considered by many to be the simplest way to create a million dollar automatic home business.

 It's easy to hear why many make the above claim:

  • No or very little investment: I know people that started without a dime to their name and built a business that produces more in a month than some make in a year!

  • No overhead: You can run your business from anywhere that you have computer access. No employees. No office to rent. A corner of your living room can be your corporate office.

  • No selling: You'll never speak to anyone face to face or over the phone if you don't want to. It's all done for you automatically.

  • No inventory: Since your product is digital, there's no need for a warehouse full of product. 

  • No limit on income: The sky's the limit! Want to give yourself a $1,000 a week raise? You can. Just introduce another product.

  • No need to be at the office: Your business runs itself automatically, giving a sales presentation, collecting money, and delivering the product. You make money while you sleep.

All the above reasons add up to the Ultimate Business. Work when you want to, give yourself a raise. Start to spend your time with family doing what you like instead of being tied to a time clock. You're in control of your time and income. (And few other businesses can offer that!)

The Secret Of Online Success

So, if this is the ultimate business, you might wonder why everyone isn't doing it.

While many are making their millions, most that start out selling information will spend more than they make. It's not long before they throw in the towel after their bank account reaches the empty mark.

And there's a simple reason why 95% of people starting this business won't succeed:

They don't know what they're doing, and they don't possess the secrets that work!

It's a fact. Many will fail because they don't know how to actually pull a profit online. They start with very little research, and just "wing it" as they go along. The hard fact is without an education and knowledge of what works chances are good you'll end up spending more than you make.

But, if you posses the knowledge, it really isn't that hard to make a decent profit online. 

Consider wanting to repair cars. If you have never done it before, would you be able to jump in and overhaul an engine? While internet businesses may appear simple to run, the real truth is there are millions of websites online that are sucking more than they're making because the people running them haven't invested the time to learn their trade.

It comes down to this:

You have to possess the knowledge to make money online. And, you have to learn it from experts that are actually doing it, not somebody that claims they are.

But who can you trust as an expert?

How about people that are actually walking the talk and making millions online!

So, with that understanding, here's what I'm offering you:

A few months back, some of the greatest online marketers got together for a unique event. They held a seminar to give out their closely guarded secrets that make them millions of dollars in profits. It was a nothing held back engagement that had the experts explaining step by step how to suck millions off the internet in simple, easy to understand terms. 

Each "guru" was asked to give complete details of their huge success and reveal their deepest secrets of pulling huge profits online in as quick as 90 days.

Since this opportunity of a lifetime for you is no over, I've bottled the information into a simple cassette format that gives you the chance to "be there". 

This is the complete series, with secrets and techniques that can blow your profits out the roof and give you the in-depth information you need to start a million dollar information business.

Like I said, this seminar had some of the "big" names there with  just one goal:

Sharing Their Personal Secrets For Unlimited Online Profits

And here's just a small sampling of the online experts that make  a living online selling  information products:

Yanik Silver is the owner of The vast majority of his business is on-line. He wakes up every morning to a minimum of $800 in his bank account. All but one of his products are electronically delivered so he's free to do whatever he wants every day. He could be playing golf or going to the beach, but for these 3 days he's agreed to come speak to our group and share his wisdom so that you can do exactly the same things he does with your own information products.

Yanik will show you:

  • How to set up your website on "auto-pilot" to deliver your products to customers who order while you sit back, relax and collect a check

  • 3 simple tricks to creating a website that really sells

  • Inside secrets to using pay-per-click search engines to dramatically increase your business

  • The 2 biggest lies about the Internet that need to be exposed so you don't lose your shirt making bad and uninformed decisions

  • His 12 part Power Web Copywriting formula for generating "killer copy"

  • The exact formula he uses to get people to visit his website after it's been built. .and all of it in a step-by-step, easy to follow formula

  • Systems to track and test all of the critical systems of your website to generate the maximum amount of revenue

  • Which products you should consider selling over the Net and why

  • 14 Easy to develop, "hot" digital products that are selling like crazy on the Net that you need to study and understand to make a bundle yourself

 Attend the Publishing Seminar - Order Now Alex Carroll, the top expert in the country on generating radio interviews. He is the owner of Alex has done over 1,031 interviews and has sold more copies of one single book via radio than anyone in existence. He is the most knowledgeable person on the planet on how to get radio publicity. He is also a GREAT speaker.

In a three-week period this last December, Alex did 77 radio interviews and sold over $50,000 in books. He is the world's foremost authority on showing people how to get on and SELL their information on radio. Alex will give you a roadmap on how to do the exact same things he does to get these stellar results.

Alex will show you:

  • How to design a press kit that will get NOTICED and get RESULTS!

  • The 3 things you must have ready to send when a producer asks and how to make them stand out from your competitors

  • What 1 thing many publicity experts recommend that is actually a complete waste of your time and money but less than 2% of people know

  • Tricks to getting your materials opened by a radio producer even if they've got 500 envelopes already stacked on their desk

  • 5 Dirty little secrets that most people in the publicity industry won't tell you, but Alex will and will increase your chances of success by 50% or more

  • A step-by-step tested system for selling more products or services over the web that will make it infinitely easier for you to sell whatever you're selling over the radio

  • Why you need to be concentrating your efforts on certain stations and not others and which ones they are

  • Topics that have the greatest possibilities of getting you booked on radio and how to exploit these even if they aren't your PRIMARY topic

  • Which publications you should never advertise in and which you should definitely consider to increase the number of radio interviews that you land

Kimberly Judd is the owner of Cybermark International. They are search engine placement specialists. And, they are DAMN good at it. Many of her clients consistently rank in the top 10 with all the major engines. Kimberly rarely speaks at any public event. She will be doing me a personal favor by speaking at this one.

Kimberly will show you:

  • How to effectively work with paid search engines to double or triple your click-thru rates

  • Why most people fail to get ranked by search engines and how you can avoid this deadly trap

  • Which search engine you must carefully court that could generate you over 20% of all of your leads if you do it right

  • Whether or not "cloaking" and other search engine manipulation techniques are worth pursuing to improve your ratings.

  • 5 Deadly sins that most people commit when designing their websites that will KILL your website placement and how YOU can avoid them

  • A simple suggestion on how to name your website to help improve your rankings almost automatically on the various search engines

  • How to select meta tag keywords that will immediately improve your search engine results

  • Why you should consult a search engine expert before you even select the name of your business and your domain name

  • The absolute latest, up-to-the-minute search engine tactics to help you improve your ratings even if you decide to do it all yourself.

George Tran is one of the top experts in the country on Internet marketing. George will show you everything you need to know about how to use the internet to automate your sales of products and services. He is the owner of a venture called His information should not be missed! It does everything! From a shopping cart to an autoresponder; from ad tracking to setting up associates. This program has it all.

By way of full disclosure he and I are "partners" in a venture called

George will show you:

  • Why you must use auto-responders and how to set them up to double or triple your response rates

  • 5 simple tricks to get more visitors to your website

  • How to design your site to make its primary mission that of a salesperson . . . . so you can be selling something, not GIVING IT AWAY

  • Ad tracking secrets you must know and learn if you're going to make sure you're not wasting your advertising dollars

  • Ways to get traffic and pay nothing for advertising that is guaranteed to work

  • How to get a license to "print money"

  • Simple techniques to completely automate your business

  • Secrets of VIRAL marketing and how to make it work for you

  • Inside secrets to using an automated system to convert a casual visitor into a customer for life

 Attend the Publishing Seminar - Order Now Jerry Jenkins is the owner of They are in the business of helping ANYONE put together a book.

Many people use them instead of going through the "torture" of self-publishing themselves. You give Jerry a manuscript and he'll turn around and give you a "bookstore quality" book in a matter of weeks.

Why not go to a traditional publisher and do this? Very simple! Jerry will give you the same quality book in less than most publishing houses take to decide where to go eat lunch. The result? You'll have a finished book in your hands in a matter of weeks. Many people wait years to see their book come out in print. You won't have to after you learn what Jerry has to say.

Also, you'll make a lot more money. Go through a traditional publisher and you'll find that they give you some piddly little royalty like 7%.

On a book that sells for $20, you'll make a measly $1.40.

Jerry will help you produce the same book and let you make somewhere around $17 for each book sold. Sound like a better deal? I thought you'd agree.

Jerry and his company are also experts at discovering what are called "special sales" opportunities for your book. In situations like these you can sell a ton of books at one time and not have to worry about getting any returns.

Jerry has been known to sell as many as 500,000 copies of a book at a time. Sometimes even more! AND they are NON-RETURNABLE. This isn't the case with bookstore sales. They basically get your books on consignment. If they don't sell they send them back to you and you don't get a dime. Often times they come back in terrible condition.

Here's what Jerry will show you:

  • How to sell as many as a million books at one time, with money up front, with no returns possible

  • Secrets to selling books to book clubs, associations and other relevant organizations

  • Methods to using your book as a tool to get in the door and generate speaking engagement.

  • A one-stop place to get your entire book produced with virtually no hassles without you ever having to pay royalties

  • How to get your book written without you having to write a single word yourself

  • Tips to getting your books to be considered  for sale on QVC and other outlets that have a huge audience

  • Systems to getting your book into the mass market channels like Costco, Sam's Club and a few of the others

  • 4 key elements that any first time author must understand so as not to get totally taken in the marketplace and lose a ton of money.

 Attend the Publishing Seminar - Order Now Fred Gleeck  owns a multi-faceted information marketing company. He creates and develops niche market information products for himself and his clients.

Fred is in the business of showing publishers and other information marketers how to create a huge "suite" of back-end products and services that they can sell for mega profits on auto pilot. Follow his suggestions and you'll easily make double or triple what your competitors are making. Some of his clients make even MORE than that and with hios proven blue print there's absolutely no reason why you can't.

Here's just a fraction of what Fred will show you

  • 7 Steps to creating an audio product in less than a day that could generate you over $100,000 over the course of the next 3 years

  • How to use the "funnel system" to double your income as an information marketer in 18 months or less

  • A comprehensive system to create and market your own seminars and workshops that will generate a ton of additional revenue

  • When to use audio as opposed to video and how to produce both of them for a fraction of what some of the "vultures" are charging

  • My patented system for trading people up to high end consulting that will lead to significant dollars and overseas travel if that's what you want

  • How to increase your products sales by a minimum of 50% virtually overnight

  • A simple system to create a product in less than 8 hours that will sell for $195

  • The only 2 ways you should ever produce an audio product

  • Website strategies that less than 1% of online marketers know or understand

  • 7 Deadly sins to avoid when producing video tapes that most speakers make and how you can avoid them

  • When and why you should do audios as opposed to videos

  • A simple strategy any speaker can use to start generating product revenue immediately even if you don't currently have a product to sell

  • Setting up your product sales system on auto-pilot that requires the absolute minimum of effort on your part

 Tami DePalma
is the co-owner of Marketability. They are a PR firm that specializes in getting coverage for book publishers and other information marketers. Work with them and they will handle everything to get you coverage in the media. Some of you are do-it-yourselfers. They will show you how to do it yourself if you want, by showing you what their tricks and techniques are.

Tami will show you:

  • Inside secrets that will get the media to call you back twice as often

  • How to design a press release that will get the media to call you back 40% more often

  • What to do when a reporter calls you for an interview to make sure you maximize your chances for success and sales

  • When to use a PR firm for your efforts and when to do-it-yourself

  • 3 Ways to get booked on TV talk shows and how to help them generate the greatest amount of possible business

  • Getting inside the heads of print journalists to make their jobs easier and increase the chances of your getting coverage

  • A timeline you need to follow for any item where you want to generate press and publicity

  • Insider PR secrets to increase the chances of your contact information being included with any article written about you

  • And much, much, more

Ted Ciuba is the author of the book: "Mail and Grow Rich." If you want to learn a lot about information publishing, this is a guy you'll want to pay attention to. Ted has graciously agreed to speak at this event and will share a wealth of information that will help you make your business a lot more profitable.

Ted will show you:

  • How to write compelling copy on your site that will generate a flood of qualified responses and orders

  • A tested system to get your mailbox stuffed with orders for your books and other information products

  • Tips to doing sequenced direct mail pieces that will improve your results by 30%

  • Coordinating your off-line and on-line operations to help you increase your sales, if used correctly, but as much as 200% or more

  • Guarantee your profits in any project with what he calls: "Strategic Profiteering"

  • What does breaking boards have to do with your success: the answer will surprise you

  • Relationship Marketing: profits flow naturally from a genuine YOU concern

  • Ancient principles of marketing balance: how to build your own marketing machine to outrageous fortune

  • How to write and publish an entire book in less than 8 hours

  • A high level secret which allows you to give away your book and still make an absolute FORTUNE

  • And a lot more!

Wade Thomas is the President of Million Dollar Marketing, Inc., and owner of over 1800 domain names including He will show you how to market your business with the strategic use of domain names.He will show you how to do a "Marketing Checkup" on your business that includes everything from traditional marketing tips to internet marketing tricks. With over 12 years of marketing experience, Wade will show you how to EXPONENTIALLY GROW YOUR SALES using little known, but highly effective marketing strategies.

Wade will show you:

  • 4 inside secrets to selling your domain names at the absolute best price you can possibly get

  • How to register domain names and save a minimum of 45%

  • Why you need to immediately get a hold of certain domain names in your field or risk losing a huge potential source of business

  • When you should GRAB a domain name that is related to your market and maximize the opportunities it provides you

Raleigh Pinskey, a.k.a Ms. 101 Ways, is THE Viz-Ability Marketing expert. Author of the international best selling "101 Ways to Promote Yourself" and "101 Ways to Promote Your Book Online," Raleigh will open her bag of no-cost, low-cost tips and tricks and show you how to get much more than your 15 minutes of fame-she'll show you how you can maximize your biz-ability through viz-ability.

Raleigh will show you:

  • How to significantly enhance your image in your niche or niches

  • 7 powerful ways to improve your name recognition

  • Steps to building a powerful referral system

  • Tips to expanding your network or contacts

  • Proven techniques to create a strong strategic alliances

  • 4 powerful ways to create promotional material that will do business for you

  • Simple but effective ways to increase goodwill in your company

  • Systems to "romance" your database for higher sales numbers

Phil Craig is an intellectual property attorney. It's mandatory that every major event have at least one legal eagle on the bill!. Phil is a good friend and highly qualified to do this session. Not only does he work and help others, he is an information marketer himself. When he gives you suggestions, it will not be from theoretical knowledge he has learned, but from practical experience he has gained as an information marketer himself.

Phil will show you:

  • 3 Things you should NEVER say in your material that will potentially save you thousands in costly law suits

  • Why you should avoid law suits regardless of how "in the right" you are

  • 7 deadly legal pitfalls every information publisher must avoid

  • How to leverage your marketing efforts to be doing three times the amount of work in less than half the time

Jan Nathan is the Executive Director of Publishers Marketing Association, representing 3,500 book, audio and videotape publishers throughout the United States. She speaks on all aspects of book publishing throughout the United States at various conventions and trade shows. PMA also publishes the PMA Newsletter, monthly, which is a 40-page, information-filled publication covering all areas of publishing, marketing, production, design, editorial, management. Jan acts as editor for this publication and has had a monthly column since the newsletter's inception

Jan will show you:

  • Secrets to getting your book distributed through the traditional book channels

  • Low cost secrets you can use improve your marketing by attending PMA meetings

  • Tips to getting libraries to buy your books and other products by the boatload

  • How to use co-op mailings to get super-high returns from your promotional dollars

  • Which events to attend in the publishing industry that are worth your money and ways to use them to your greatest advantage

  • Techniques to working a trade show to generate the greatest number of book sales

  • Inside secrets of the publishing industry that few will tell you but Jan will

  • How to avoid costly book promotions that have been proven NOT to work


 Claude Diamond is one of the world's foremost authorities on building an information marketing business. He is he king of the mentors. He is a legend in the coaching field and has a huge following. Claude also happens to be a very dynamic speaker and has agreed to speech right after lunch to keep everyone on his or her toes.

Claude will be an unusual speaker at this event. I've asked him to tell his own personal "rags to riches" story to give you a roadmap for HOW TO DO IT!. He's been wildly successful and will help you chart your own course to massive success.

Claude will show you:

  • How you too can make much more than a million dollars doing personal coaching, mentoring and consulting as an adjunct to your other information product business

  • Creating multiple streams of income for your information publishing business

  • A system to sell people any product or service that is so effective it will leave you with your mouth open, salivating to use it yourself

  • How to promote your own products without going broke

  • Powerful techniques to get yourself off your rear end and get started . .an effective system to make it possible for you to get going as you know you want to

  • Why it's Ok to be different, original and even a little weird.

  • How to optimize your use of the phone trade people up from casual customers to fanatical fans

  • Tips to creating and growing your on-line and off-line database to insure a steady flow of income that will go on for years to come

  • Ten dumb things I did that you can avoid

  • Ten Smart things I do that you should emulate

  • Systems to get going and create revenue streams even if you've got less than $1000 in capital to start

  • Why most self publishers/promoters fail.

  • How he makes money everyday working from his home offices in Colorado & California

  • Specific techniques he's used to create "celebrity status" for himself and his company in his niche market and beyond

If That Sounds Like a Lot of Information... 

You're Right...And Here's Even More Of What These Millionaires Will Reveal To You!

  • The real reason 95% of self publishers will fail and lose thousands
  • How to create a database that will keep income rolling for years to come
  • Secrets of making millions offering consulting, coaching and mentoring services
  • Create multiple streams of income off one information product
  • Secrets of co-op lists for maximizing your profits
  • 7 ways to improve name recognition and profits
  • How to build a super hard working referral system
  • Save 45% using this technique for registering domain names
  • How to sell your domain names for huge profits
  • Why certain domain names are a must for your business
  • Powerful secret that lets you give away your information for free and still make a huge income
  • Write and begin to sell your book in under 8 hours
  • How to create compelling copy that sells your product hard
  • The proven system used to literally stuff your mailbox with orders and cash
  • 7 steps to creating an audio product overnight that can easily put $100,000 or more in your pocket
  • A technique that can increase your profits 50% or more overnight
  • The 2 right ways to produce a hot audio product
  • Amazing "Funnel" system that can double your income
  • A simple strategy that any speaker can use to create a massive income

And that's just a cup full of water from the sea of information you're about to discover! Really, there simply isn't enough room to list all of the experts and the secrets they're revealing. I can only assure you that the listing above is a fraction of who you'll hear from and what you'll uncover.

This was it! The complete, open the bag and let the secrets out seminar. 

But you don't have to kick yourself for missing it. In fact, now you can listen to the complete series of speakers in the comfort of your own home. 

And not only will you hear from them first hand, but their secrets will be there forever for you to listen to again and again. Each time you blow through the series you'll pick up more information. And you can do it at your leisure without worrying about what you'll miss.

Online Success Is Yours Right Now!

If you really want to make money online then you have to invest in learning the secrets. 

Before you is an offer that can literally change your life. Secrets of the people making millions as they take you by the hand and show you step by step how they do it.

Having this amazing resource is like growing money on a backyard tree. Anytime you need solid tips that you can turn into a profit, just pop in a cassette and find out exactly what you need to do. You'll find yourself referring back to this series over and over again as you begin to build your information empire.

You Missed The Seminar...
But You Can't Afford To Miss This!

Sure, you missed out on something that could of changed your life forever. But do you have to lose forever?

I've put together the complete seminar on audio cassette for you to pour over at your leisure. And I'm now presenting it to you for a small fraction of it's true worth.

You see,  those that attended this seminar paid a minimum of $997 to attend. Then, figure in the expense for hotel, travel, and meals. We're easily looking at $2,000 or more, and that's not even including time lost from work.

If you're serious about creating mega profits with a fully automatic cash pumping machine, then I think you'll agree that $2,000 is worth it.

But today you're not going to even pay half of the true value here. In fact, by purchasing the audio version of this powerful seminar, which you'll be able to learn from forever, you'll get an automatic discount! And you're not cheating yourself in the slightest with that price. You're still getting hours of the powerful secrets from experts that spill their guts and tell you exactly what they've done to make millions with online information businesses.

If you order right now you can study and immediately  profit from this 17 hour  Publish For Maximum Profit Bootcamp Home Study Course.

Just apply a few of these secrets to instantly explode your income and pay for this series ten times over. If you don't, then contact me and I'll give you every cent of your purchase price back.

That puts all the risk on me. I'm that certain that anyone can profit like the big boys after listening to Publish For Maximum Profit Bootcamp that I'll refund every last cent if you believe differently. How's that for a rock solid guarantee?

Here's What You Need To Do To Discover How They're Making Their Info-Millions Online!

First, I don't want you to consider price when you're making your decision today. Put it out of your mind.

If everything I'm telling you is true, and rest assured that it is, then you could bet the bank that what you're going to learn can skyrocket you to a high demand home business with unlimited earning potential.

And this is one reason I don't want you to consider price.

Every decision has two costs.   

The cost of taking action and making a decision to do something is predictable and measurable.  You know what you're spending, and what you're getting.  But the cost of doing nothing is much harder to measure. 

How much extra income might you be missing out on?  How much more financial reward could you earn using the battle-tested strategies that  these seasoned marketers have taken years to learn?  How many extra sales would it take to justify the investment of time and money?  Is it worth it?  Can you afford to pass this up?  Big questions.

If you make a decision to act, you might succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  But when you wait, hesitate and think about it too much, you'll spend countless hours wondering what you missed, if it would been worthwhile and how much better off you'd have been if you acted? 

     The pain of regret is often more expensive than the cost of a mistake. 

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.  I promise it will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself, and guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make in your business this year.

So, what are you waiting for order now and we'll immediately send you your HUGE package with the understanding that you're not investing in me, but rather in your financial success.

To your success! 

P.S. If you're serious about making a serious income offering information, whether a beginner or pro, this is the must have information that can put you over the top with explosive, around the clock profits.  Order Now and get all  the tools you need to make a killing online!

P.P.S. And remember, I'm so confident that you will be amazed by what you learn and that  you will be able to turn this new information into an income worth thousands of times your small investment, and I know it will work for you.  Don't lose the opportunity to hear these million dollar secrets.




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Information Publishing by Fred Gleek

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