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This is:


This is a bundle DOWNLOADABLE offer!  You get over 50 GREAT PDF format courses for 1 low price!  Yes, over 55 Courses!  Over 2,500 Pages!    For one incredibly low price!  The value of these courses if bought separately would be over $3,000.  Great Copywriters Like Bill Myers, Peter Sun & Robert Budoch.    

You get everything listed below in 3 easy downloads for only $47!   That's right, the cost of what 2 products cost to ship!   You get 54 PDF files for just $47. Information that you need to have at a price you have to come to expect from me.  That's under $1 Per File!

Please see the bottom of the page for online payments.


This is the list of what you get - Course Title, Author and # of Pages.  The Title Gives You An Idea Of What The Courses Will Cover.

1 The One  Marketing Secret That Could Make Your Rich by David Valleries  18 Pages
17 Easy Ways To Generate Leads & Get New Customers  by Peter Sun   95 Pages 
66 Powerful Copywriting Strategies For Maximum Results by Robert Budoch 18 Pages
78 Free & Low Cost Ways To Add 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days by Peter Sun   57 Pages
100+ Amazing Headlines by Robert Budoch 10 Pages
107 Key Tips For Creating Your Own Winning Website Sales Letters by Robert Budoch 19 Pages
113 Powerful, Persuasive Ways To Turn Any Sales Letter Into A Compelling, Highly-Responsive Moneymaking Machine by Robert Budoch 22 Pages
140 Quick Headline Tips by Robert Budoch 18 Pages
301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets by Bill Myers  191 Pages
Marketing Audits (How To Make $2,000 Per Hour As A Marketing Consultant by Peter Sun   39 Pages
Classified Magic - How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off Big by Robert Budoch  82 Pages
How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days by Robert Budoch  30 Pages
How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic  Climate by Peter Sun  144 Pages
The Magical Formula To Increase Your Website Profits In 72 Hours Or Less  by Robert Budoch  105 Pages
How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time by Robert Budoch  16 Pages
Giant Headline Swipe File by Robert Budoch  93 Pages
Great Advertising Quotations by Robert Budoch  14 Pages
Great Headlines Instantly by Robert Budoch  279 Pages
7 Quick & Easy Headline Formulas by  Robert Budoch  23 Pages
Secrets Of Writing Headlines That Could Make You Rich by Peter Sun    49 Pages
Headline Q & A - How To Create Attention Grabbing Headlines by Robert Budoch  16 Pages
The Instant Website Sales Letter Tune Up Kit  by Robert Budoch  8 Pages
How To Make Maximum Profit In Minimum Time by Peter Sun  81 Pages
Unfair Advantage (Copywriting and Writing) by Bill Myers  228 Pages
Unlimited Prospects Instantly by Robert Budoch   28 Pages
How To Up Your Profit by Robert Budoch   23 Pages

32 Consultations That Peter Sun Did For Different Industries Such As Carpet Cleaners, Computer Retailer,  Debt Collectors Etc.   Each one is worth hundreds of dollars due to Peters large hourly Rate.  

The Business Owner's Guide To Little Known Marketing Secrets That Work by Dean Peterson   182 Pages


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The Most Incredible Downloadable Offer Ever

SPECIAL PRICE IS $47 ($0 Shipping)




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