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Dan Kennedy Direct Marketing & Success Seminar

Sneak In & Hear Info & Direct Marketing Super-Experts!


You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of Dan Kennedy's Programs.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

1 thing said could be what you needed to hear to take your business to the next level.  People paid a lot of money to be there - you can hear what they heard for a fraction of the cost!

What you get:  Audio in MP3 format and the  75+ page manual in PDF format on 1 CDROM.


Listen In On Dan's Biggest, Grandest, Most Valuable, Most Extraordinary Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference Ever -- Which People Paid $2,487.00 Each To Attend . . . And Came From As Far Away As Australia!

By Dan Kennedy

These may be six of the most valuable audio CD's you'll ever have an opportunity to get your hands on -- at any price -- because these are NOT 'motivational' CD's (although they WILL motivate you) and these are NOT full of 'fluff' (although they may entertain you). These are live-recorded, uncensored CD's totally and solely and unabashedly and unapologetically devoted to one thing and one thing only: Making as much money as is humanly possible, as quickly as possible, as easily as possible via super-savvy marketing in your business, in any business.

These were recorded at my SuperConference, the 8th such event, attended by a dentist, a chiropractor, an auto glass shop owner, a carpet cleaner, the CEO of an INC. 500 'fastest growing company', the President of a multi-million dollar software company, an executive recruiter, publishers, the #1 real estate agent in the entire Remax system, marketers of 'information products' to dozens of niches, speakers, authors........entrepreneurs from small towns and our biggest cities, from new start-ups and giant companies, from as close by as down the street from my office to as far away as Sydney.  Each paying $2,487.00 to get in. 

You missed it -- but you do not have to miss out on all of it!  One of the very best audio-editors in the country has painstakingly gone through all the tape - over 40 hours - and assembled the very best, the most compelling highlights of the entire Conference. 

Here are SOME of the highlights included . . .

In my Presentation, in these Highlight CD's, I reveal THE biggest 'killer mistake' made by virtually every businessperson in marketing himself, his business, products and services -- correcting this single error alone might literally make you rich. This discussion alone is worth the price of admission.

In fact, if you'd like to know what separates people like me, Jeff Paul, Joe Polish, and others who make huge money via marketing from the masses who never make it happen, this is that answer.

Also in my Presentation, I take you through all the steps and elements of assembling a compelling, magnetic 'offer.'  You see, it's the 'offer' that is the difference between ordinary advertising and powerful direct-response advertising, between run-of-the-mill presentations and selling in a way no one can say no to you. 

If you'd like a single 'trick' to immediately and dramatically improve the results from any ad, letter, flyer, coupon, mailing, phone script or even person-to-person selling, this is it -- learn to use EVERY available means of strengthening the irresistibility of your offer.   And if you now invest any of your money in any kind of advertising, you MUST get this information.

Also in my Presentation, I reveal the strategies for overcoming skepticism, cynicism, fear, doubt, hesitancy and procrastination, so you can get more people to more quickly trust you and buy from you. What I say to you here about providing prospects with 'shortcuts to decision-making' can make you such a powerful, irresistible persuader you'll be considered dangerous.

Think about this: for every person who says 'yes' to you, how many are almost persuaded, almost act, but then back away and go away without putting any of their money into your bank account....what's the multiple? 4 to 1, 6 to 1, 10 to 1, 50 to 1...? 

What does it do to your income if you can capture 1/4th of those, 1/2 of those, with these powerful strategies?  Do the math.  What I reveal here could certainly be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you yet this year.  I have the answer to flipping non-buyers into buyers.  To melting sales resistance away like the hot Phoenix sun melts a Milky Way left on the car dashboard.

I also discuss my 'Top Ten Risk Reversal Ideas', to further strengthen your ability to get maximum response from every letter you mail, every sales presentation you make.

And I won't just TELL you about all this. I'm going to give you all the hand-outs I gave to the SuperConference attendees about these topics, in a neatly bound book, for your reference and use.  So I SHOW-AND-TELL. 

Imagine this: a one-page article reprint I believe is so valuable I would unabashedly charge $500.00 to read it -- if it hadn't already appeared in the L.A. Times.  What could be in such an article?  Or how about this: examples of some of the most powerful direct-response copy I've seen -- called to your attention and analyzed for you, so you can adapt it for your own moneymaking purposes.  This

collection of hand-outs by itself is worth more than I'm asking of you, for this entire offer!

Now, listen very carefully to this: this Presentation will NEVER be made available again, to anybody, in any form.  If you missed the SuperConference, the only way to get it is via this offer, right now.  And when I promise that what I 'show-n-tell' here can give you a brutally unfair advantage over your competitors, I'm making the understatement of the year.

That's just my part of the Audio.

Additional Highlights . . .

You will also hear from successful 'alumni' and clients in Panel Discussions and Q/A Sessions.  People like Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing -- who has helped over 5,000 people in his industry dramatically increase their incomes. 

Jeff Paul, the internationally famous '$4,000.00-a-day-sitting-at-home-in-your-underwear' direct marketing guru -- 'as seen on TV!' 

Pamela Yellen, known throughout the insurance and financial services fields as the most innovative marketing expert of all.  These are people I work with personally. 

Together, we make millions of dollars and help hundreds of private clients turn ordinary businesses into moneymaking machines, ideas into fortunes, simple sales letters into floods of cash arriving in mailboxes.

And that's not all.  Also in the Audio Highlights -- you'll sit in on special 'breakout sessions' featuring Ken McCarthy, on how you can really make money on the Internet , with Web sites and e-mail.

I will even give you an extra, Special Report all about legitimate, real methods of making money via the Internet that Ken prepared just for my Conference attendees. 

And from Elaine Floyd on marketing via newsletters AND making putting out your own newsletter fast and easy.  And from Nicole Smith of ATG Technologies, on implementing smart marketing 'tricks' like the 'free recorded message'. And more.

And you'll hear Brian Tracy's 'secrets of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.'  Brian went from poorly educated itinerant worker to holding an MBA, providing training to a who's who of the Fortune 1,000, and becoming Nightingale-Conant Corporation's #1 author of high content audio cassette programs.  As a confidante of the rich and famous, Brian has traveled, lectured and worked in 80 different countries. He is a voracious student of economic trends, entrepreneurial strategies, and wealth-building secrets.  He held my audience spellbound.

ALL THIS, packed into 6 Audio Highlight CD's!

If you can listen to these CD's and fail to grab at least one HOT STRATEGY you can't wait to use, that definitely and indisputably and quickly puts money in your pocket, then I'm George Of The Jungle's Uncle and, after you tell me the bad news, I'll go into exile somewhere, live off bananas and tree bark, never to be seen or heard from again.

Get it on CDROM in a sleeve with FREE SHIPPING OR You Can Request Your Order by DOWNLOAD and get it today!



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Direct Marketing and Success Seminar by Dan Kennedy

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Direct Marketing and Success Seminar by Dan Kennedy

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